Clash of Clans-How to get FREE gems (tutorial)

Clash Of Clans

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11 Replies to “Clash of Clans-How to get FREE gems (tutorial)”

  1. E. Arthur says:

    No need costs any feat to obtain the the-gemms because of this place
    It is boost my account a lot

  2. oak says:


  3. Night Mare_Z says:

    email ???
    what email your or my email

  4. Best Bro says:

    you said FREE so this is a screw up

  5. xkejj says:

    How u guys can thank him we don't even know how to download this 😅😅

  6. Night dragon says:

    This works your amazing thx for helping me!

  7. Ray Zhang says:

    Is your android rooted if not how do you record

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