Clash of Clans: How To Spawn Trees On Edge of Base

Clash Of Clans

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This is an easy guide on how to spawn all obstacles (trees, bushes, mushrooms, etc.) on the edge of your Clash of Clans base!


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27 Replies to “Clash of Clans: How To Spawn Trees On Edge of Base”

  1. At town hall 6 you can fill up your area by spacing out your walls, but dont they spawn when your off line? And if so then that's when you can get raided with everything spaced out, isn't that bad?

  2. Mauro Pérez says:

    What happens if i remove the anniversary cake for example, will it appear again on the edge or it only spawns once?

  3. Mr. Krabs says:

    Is there a way to do it that doesn't involve losing all your loot?

  4. can i do it by using th6?

  5. Chair says:

    How do Christmas trees give elixir

  6. call-me- xk says:

    does it have to be your active base? or can i have that as a back up base and it will work.?

  7. MackiePlayz says:

    hey corto its me Mackie lol whats up lets win this war lol

  8. Ramirro XD says:

    how do you grow stuff in the middle of the base ?

  9. J Jungmann says:

    Is this what you have to do still in 2016??? Cause the new update expanded the map including the outside rim so they can spawn on the out side but unevenly now

  10. what is the most common obstical to spawn

  11. Tim Albright says:

    If you want to fill up your base more efficiently you can detach all the pieces of wall so that they aren't connected. This way i was able to fill the entire grid easily on town hall 6 and still had like 30 wall left over. One wall on its own fills 9 bits of the grid. Thanks

  12. FREAKA -ZOID says:

    it's koo bro I found out how to do it my cuz in helped me out thanks anyway

  13. FREAKA -ZOID says:

    hey what up I am a fresh th7 mu clan is called F.A.W.G I cannot do it I littralie tried every thing please respond to give me an ideas thanks for reading

  14. Boswer Jr says:

    how can u make tree and others grow quick

  15. Its Luck says:

    You sound like vanoss

  16. Welky Liwe says:

    there are few more rules to the tree spawning.. for normal trees, mushrooms, and bushes there will be one space between spot where they'll spawn.. except for gem boxes, I think the Christmas trees are also like the gem boxes.. which means, the normal trees, bushes and mushrooms won't grow next to each other.. And I don't know if ppl know this, but the decorations also has their range.. each decoration is like a builder hut.. they have that 1 white space on each directions. so to maximize its usefulness, just put the decorations one space from the edge of the field, and three spaces apart from another decoration.. If you still don't have any idea on the theory, feel free to visit me and see how I applied it.. My Village is Elksz, clan tag: #2UVCJ2V0.. CMIIW.. Just trying to make a beautiful base here.. 😀

  17. Shadow King says:

    I did this idea already on my own and it works, then I see your video and I was like yess I'm doing it right, but anyways now that I know I was doing it right, I want to know how long it takes for a Christmas tree to appear and if there is a special way to unlock them, like a th lv or need to be at a specific league, plz reply me an answer cuz I really want Christmas trees hahaha 🙂

  18. AJJR101 says:

    thumbed it up bcz it's straight to the point

  19. Markus Wood says:

    How long do they take to spawn ??

  20. Zach Dao says:

    Thanks! I'm a TH6 and this video helped me alot.

  21. This is really cool ,can't wait to try

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