Clash Of Clans | IOS 11.3.1 Private Server | Tutorial 2018! WORKING

Clash Of Clans

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Download Cydia Impactor Drag And Drop The IPA File

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42 Replies to “Clash Of Clans | IOS 11.3.1 Private Server | Tutorial 2018! WORKING”

  1. You didn’t tell us how

  2. A 2018 tutorial which was made in 2016… seems legit

  3. DogManJack says:

    brop i need to know how to get a priv server not watch a idiot playing and lieing

  4. Go to google and simply type: gexxguides You will definately get the only real 100% Working clash of clans 100% working secret by 2017

  5. MaxYT says:

    WHO else got the naked woman's choose ew that was disgusting

  6. Kenny Quinby says:

    Where the tutorial you fucking idiot

  7. it says connection error even though i have bars… Please help?

  8. WhatsThis says:

    I think this is for fucking android, DISLIKED

  9. No joke it says my phone has a virus because of the recent adult sites I visited ?

  10. Wow Tutorial 2017 But date 2016

  11. Mark Ybarra says:

    Time wasting peace of shit

  12. DAVID PRO says:

    No os metais mete virus

  13. Tammy Hall says:

    Download link doesn't work please helpIdk why it doesn't work but for some reason it just doesn't

  14. it worked but it says connectin error help

  15. Nathan Rose says:

    Don't add it if your not going to tell us how to get it

  16. JDestroy says:

    For any of you guys wondering how to do this, here:

    1. Install an application called cydia impactor on your mac / pc
    2. connect your iPad / iPod to your pc / mac through USB ports with charger
    3. Install the software in the description
    4. drag and drop the file into cydia impactor
    5. enter down your apple id email, then password
    6. let it do its thing and transfer the application across
    7. once it appears on your home screen go to settings, general, scroll down to device management, click on your apple id email, click trust.
    8. go back on and enjoy 🙂

  17. If this is a "Tutorial" can you say how to do it?

  18. Channzy says:

    How do you go back?

  19. How did u egg the server?

  20. DaProGamer says:

    Where the fuck is the tutorial

  21. Guys all you need is cydia impactor, and hook your phone up to your computer, then drag the downloaded file to cydia impactor( when opened), then bam, here is the link for cydia impactor:

  22. Yi You says:

    doesn't work….    I keep crashing

  23. xVINTINx says:

    Dude this was published in 2016

  24. ReLo Clan says:

    I went to the link and it took me to porn what the heck now my moms going to kill me thanks a lot

  25. NathanP539 says:

    Guys get cydia impactor extract it then open the drill looking thing, make sure you have iTunes, then plug in the device. Make sure cydia impactor detects the device and drag the IPA file in. Your welcome

  26. NMe Graal says:

    The game crashes when the loading bar is full. Why?

  27. Text Tutorial (Non-Jailbreak):
    Step 1: download both cydia impactor and the .ipa
    Step 2: Connect your device to pc
    Step 3: open cydia impactor and import the .ipa
    Step 4: Acter it's done you will have it at your home screen

  28. For The Win says:

    don't trust this dude he scams

  29. Dakota Fritz says:

    For anyone questioning the description, the links he provided is to jailbreak iOS 10. Once jailbroken you need to download iFile from Cydia and then edit your hosts file. ??

  30. Логщs says:

    Ho daduck i download this sht

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