Clash of Clans Level 10 – Rat Valley

Clash Of Clans

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This is a walkthrough for Rat Valley in the game Clash of Clans. Subscribe for updates on everything Clash of Clans related!
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24 Replies to “Clash of Clans Level 10 – Rat Valley”

  1. Nobilis says:

    Yeah you don't start off with lvl 3 barbs You should do a guide for this lvl for new players

  2. JackLol GT says:

    R.I.P barbarians trying to survive in that wall of bombs

  3. Greeny says:

    2 giants for each cannon with help of barbs, its easy. then all u have to do is put down archers near th

  4. can you make a new rat valley playthrough i think they have changed it cause mine dont look like yours

  5. Dawit Tikuye says:

    My  babarians are level two should i send maybe 7 for each canon instead 5 ?

  6. chao xu says:

    this guy.. show people with lvl 3 barbarians to do the easy levels.
    new player doesn't start with lvl 3 barbarians  dumb ass.
    if you want to do walk through, reset the game and start from scratch 

  7. Mystical17 says:

    Cool!!! im making a 150 stars with th7 walkthrough atm!

  8. slim blaZzer says:

    When I place my archers there they aim else where what should I do please help?

  9. Jose T says:

    Use goblin to by pass the bombs because they so fast

  10. codquicker says:

    I want to win (Sweden).

  11. XxxX SOS says:

    Only one minion do that

  12. David5642017 says:

    Thanks! This was really helpful for me!

  13. GoGblade says:

    Thanks you have thought me a lot on all of your videos

  14. JonathanW04 says:

    That means that your Gold Storage is full. You can upgrade it or buy a new one to hold more gold!

  15. wxq iris says:

    I love your videos!!!! And I am going to upgrade my town hall to level 4, but It keeps telling me to buy or upgrade exist gold storage.. I upgrade one of my gold storage, but it keep teeling me to upgrade. what should I do?? Is there any requirements to upgrade town hall????

  16. Chief Pat says:

    Thanks for watching the videos! My barbarians and archers are both level 3, and how you can tell is by looking at their icon their are 3 purple dots on their picture. And yes you probably will have to drop 2-3 more troops but the strategy should stay the same.

    Currently I'm in the process of moving clans but once I'm finished I'll be posting my gamecenter and clan all over the channel, I promise!

  17. Tushar Jain says:

    Hey, thanks for the videos, been following them successfully. May I ask what are the levels of your Barbarians and Archers? They seem to be more powerful. I end up using more than double the amount of troops you use.
    Also, which clan are you in 🙂

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