Clash of Clans NEW TROOPS GAMEPLAY! Builder Base Level 5 – CoC Update 2017

Clash Of Clans

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Gameplay of EVERY NEW TROOP in Clash of Clans! The New 2017 Update is here with the Builder Base in CoC. New Troops include the Bomber, Cannon Cart and Battle Machine with special abilities and adaptions to the Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Boxer Giant, Beta Minion and Baby Dragon. This video showcases each of the new CoC troops to show them in action but is not meant to teach any strategy. Gameplay of the new troops is just for fun and to showcase them in action. If you do want to see…

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46 Replies to “Clash of Clans NEW TROOPS GAMEPLAY! Builder Base Level 5 – CoC Update 2017”

  1. it is not mega mortar it is "multi mortar"

  2. Tenuto says:

    the new troops are night witch, drop ship, and super pekka.

  3. I want a new troop, Santa Claws (Christmas update) (builder base) He starts out as Santa then in the builder base vs mode you attack since it's night time, He becomes enraged, and when he is about to die he calls his reindeer to drop explosive presents and trample defenses. Scratchs opponents

  4. Dipesh Pun says:

    hey I think there should also be the war in builder hall

  5. Tøp says:

    I have the same base as you but I don't have the builder boss

  6. Anju Singh says:

    the three troops are night witch skeleton balloon and pekka with zap power

  7. guys subscribe me…I will sub u back

  8. Big Boi Roi says:

    Night witch drop ship and super pekka

  9. I want to sell my the 7 I'd any one want than tell me

  10. your channel is superb ….
    frds watch my channel for more more clash of clan or builder base coc or clash Royal amazing videos

  11. Abdul Rehman says:

    #JYYV9Q8P join my clan lvl 4 active and 24/7 war

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  13. Zig Zag says:

    Night Witch Baloon Carrier and Mega Pekka

  14. Mouze Ball says:

    super pekka drop ship and night witch

  15. night witch, drop ship, and supper pekka

  16. drop ship, super pekka and night witch

  17. is it funny how in the first battle his name was "raged barbarian"?

  18. Marco Lopez says:

    Night witch drop ship and super Pekanbaru

  19. Night witch multi-balloon and electric pekka

  20. glockgang 69 says:

    they are called Night wich skelonton ballon and super pekka

  21. TheZap XYZ says:

    I know they are nightwitch drop(something) and super pekka

  22. Lintang Budi says:

    Trash of clash mybe next update will change the name

  23. Renzy Roo says:

    Love the channel. Your voice is awesome

  24. Adithya M S says:

    this new update is awsome some fools r saying its bad

  25. Trollz456 says:

    First reaction- Yes this is so cool!
    Then- I want to see gameplay!
    After- A new type of barbs! Yes!
    Sees "raged barbarians…"
    Clicks off…

  26. gamer master says:

    night witch super pekka forgot the last one

  27. Do you unlock baby drags at builder hall 4 cos I got to builder hall 4 today

  28. Gear4Gamerz says:

    The new troops are definitely Night Witch, Drop Ship and Super P.E.K.K.A ask how did I know? Bcoz just tap the info button on the new troops and it literally shows their name 😂😂😂

  29. Night witch ,drop ship and súper p.e.k.k.a.

  30. Spandan Paul says:

    How to every time find the same opponent?

  31. its good no body sees my coc video

  32. same opponent!!!but how?

  33. sof c says:

    super pekka night witch

  34. Ok ok! I KNOW what the new troops are its Night Witch, I dont remember the bloon but its the Super Pekka! I know it cuz of the Blue butten the Blue Butten gives u notes that yeah like outher troops the Blue Butten!

  35. i cant play it anymore sinds the second update. It wont load on my phone anymore.. Anyone know what to do about it ?

  36. Carl Berico says:

    Hey man the Night Witch is in Clash Royale

  37. new troops like mega dragon

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