Clash of Clans – Peter17$ WINS The Game (he thinks)! Episode 10!

Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Attacks, Galadon present Episode 10, the dramatic conclusion to the Clash of Clans comedy (?) series ‘Win Clash of Clans’ – brought to you by special guest host, Peter17$.

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27 Replies to “Clash of Clans – Peter17$ WINS The Game (he thinks)! Episode 10!”

  1. Three years later, over 13 million views, and now Peter17$ is ready to win Clash of Clans yet again? This time, in the Builder Base!

  2. Nora Cook says:

    This guy is stupid beyond belief but as I'm typing this I realized this was probably all staged so I don't know why I'm still typing this…

  3. black bullet says:

    ?seeing the old video make me enjoy

  4. Nayab Fatima says:

    Which coc mod are you using?

  5. Sjg Ghosh says:

    Is this real galadon??

  6. Vivek Singh says:

    Who is watching this in 2018

  7. Marc * says:

    Wtf i had 8 years when u upload this video

  8. Todd P says:

    this was funny as hell!

  9. sar ves says:

    Ur also using mod coc?

  10. what the fukjkkkkkkkkkkklkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. you hacker clach of clans

  12. md imran says:

    How to download this magic

  13. Endroholic says:


  14. Polite Cat says:

    Engineered or rushed

  15. RaLfIdIoT GT says:


  16. Zion Bey says:

    Play error rhythm why dirty cost garbage engineer express mean.

  17. I just realized that peter 17$ is galadon in a really high pitch voice lmao

  18. Sam Yu says:

    im stronger then peter right now

  19. Wolfbat 10 says:

    And I thought I was rushed

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