Clash of Clans | Successful Attack Strategy

Clash Of Clans

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45 Replies to “Clash of Clans | Successful Attack Strategy”

  1. Join us marvels agents we are the new force

  2. Marcus Varga says:

    I remember the amount of troops as GAGA/W

  3. Ivan Montoya says:

    need clan like his am town hall 6

  4. BigBabzies says:

    good strat but costs way too much

  5. Jay Sho says:

    You can get legit gems by downloading app nana when you do get 15,000 points and enter my code Enter my code to earn 1,000,000 nana points (i4611341) I hacked the app

  6. H. Sunde says:

    But if some he had a dragon in his clan castle??

  7. Sorry, but nope, to expensive to be considered as farming army, too weak to push trophies. Might work only on rare occasions, and even in that kind of situations you are better to use other army compositions. But thumbs up for trying something new. 

  8. you attacked my coleader

  9. M0lt im at the exact same trophy range if you find me (IGN: Dragon master) I want you to crush me…. because im a pretty bad town hall 9

  10. Chantz White says:

    With archers just call it goarnter lol

  11. JnJ5683 says:

    This is bad for the majority and the people who can use this are all using GoWiWi and GoWiPe and those are all better than "GoWinter"… This sucks

  12. The Clashers says:

    I started a new clash account but I can't seem to grind out how to get sub fast and post videos can u pls help me i would really enjoy if u would kindly help me thanks

  13. This doesn't help for shit. Most of us players are th8 and below. 

  14. Byiz HD says:

    Nive video molt! Do you going back to Golgotha?

  15. Marc Moore says:

    How do I do it with a 130 army space camp?

  16. Topix says:


  17. MAXZ99 says:

    That is not a good strategy

  18. I used tht strat ages ago

  19. Youi idiot!!! You fucking donator, and your fight not good from simple users, YOU FIGHT WITHNOT MONEY!!! FUCKING IDIOT AHAHAHAHAH!
    sorry english, i'm russian!

  20. can you show the strategy on your second account

  21. Thanks for the video!

  22. Sam Wilson says:

    I dont think that is too good cause if there is wizards in the CC ur ginats will die instantly

  23. King West says:

    Woah, i attacked that first base before too :O

  24. Andi Luk says:

    Do u live stream on twitch MOLT?

  25. Andi Luk says:

    GREETINGs MOLT great videos!!!!!!

  26. Ginger Ale says:

    From 1 962 to 1 783.
    Your army costs kinda much

  27. Recto Bot says:

    He MOLT I'm exactly the same level as you give or take 100 xp!

  28. Hey Fellow Clasher! I am a new Clash of Clans commentator! You all make great videos and I am subscribed to ALL of you guys! You all had a part in motivating me into starting my own channel! I upload DAILY VIDEOS and try to bring great content! I was wondering if any of you guys had any advice, tips or tricks to help grow my channel? Anything would be helpful! Keep up the great videos! Thanks in advance if any of you guys respond! Have a great day and STAY BEAUTIFUL! – EpicLifeGaming

  29. Guys sub to ClashWithAAron

  30. Jose Perez says:

    Molt I'm trying to use the
    "Gowinter" strategy but I'm not town hall 9 so I don't have jump spells. What spells should I use?

  31. Wallbreakers hogs and 4/5 jump spells

  32. John Scime says:

    I love your vids m0lt!!

  33. The you tubers need to shout this channel out

  34. The base he's using is XoYazoo's base (that's his youtube) he also streams at "theamazingyazoo" he is awesome.

  35. I used this strategy in crystal 3 to masters 3 and if worked great! Thnks molt!

  36. Repleh says:

    Just a helpful tip, if you're farming elixir do not use this attack strategy.

  37. Fives says:

    Nice can you check out my gowiwi video? Thanks

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