Clash of Clans TH7 VS TH8 Dragon Attack – Winner

Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans TH7 VS TH8 Dragon Contest Winner. See a TH7 take on a max defense TH8 using Dragons in clan wars and then see who won the gift card by guessing the correct outcome as outlined in this video:

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40 Replies to “Clash of Clans TH7 VS TH8 Dragon Attack – Winner”

  1. Wow that was really closed to 3 stars, however you had a good strategy

  2. omg this hurt my soul lmao. that stinks, I woulda balled up and cried in a corner lol

  3. MRkingSaLeH says:

    i have war that is going on now i need ur advice i'm facing th8 he has 3 lvl 5 air defenses they're really close from each around the town hall should i use 8 lvl 4 balloons and 8 lvl 2 dragons plus maxed balloons in cc or just do all dragons? all of my spells are lvl 4

  4. didit aditya says:

    So close….but good attack

  5. Pat Balden says:

    Heather, I'm so happy I found your site.  You do a great job for us newbies.  So, my question is, in the past 10 wars, all CC are prefilled with a dragon (not wiz).  So, how would that alter (if at all) the drag-loon attacks?  Wouldn't a lvl3/4 drag smoke the balloons?  Thanks!

  6. bmoody says:

    How do you edit your videos

  7. Paul Wells says:

    major coc nerd here… loving your vids… thanks for doing what you do

  8. Rohan says:

    All clans are full how do i join

  9. You should totally do a GoHog attack strategy video!!

  10. Hey heather! I tried to join Golden Gators and I wasn't rushed but they declined my request.. And I stated my ASL before requesting to join..But tye current leader matt porter declined it…

  11. Just joined the Golden Gators! Whoot whoot!

  12. Hi! Huge fan of the videos! Thanks for posting. Was wondering how I could join one of your clans.

  13. Crux VII says:

    3 starring th8 with lvl 5 ad in war is easy.
    A FEW wars ago, I was matched with a th8 with aall lvl 6 ad. It was a the moment for me to shine… A moment for me to 3 STAR SO I CUD SHOW THE MATCH MAKING SYSTEM U AINT GOT SHIT ON ME!!!!…and I ended up at 43%… ?

  14. Clash Queen says:

    Sweet! Of course I was wrong ?? but I wish I was right… That was painful to watch. It's happened to me ? great attack, and great video, as always!

  15. Hound Noah says:

    Sorry to keep bothering you lol

  16. Hound Noah says:

    Oh and do you have an Instagram Heather?

  17. Hound Noah says:

    Im not even kidding Heather, I have won so many more clan war raids because of your strategies. Your gowipe video at th 8 was the most in depth gowipe video on YouTube. Thank you so much Heather. Have a great day (:

  18. Deticed says:

    Am I the only one curious how Heather looks in real life? ;x

  19. Mark Huber says:

    Wish I cpulda entered but I didnt see it. ; ( gift cards are awesome tho hope you do more of these in the future Heather 🙂

  20. HowToPick says:

    Hey guys does anyone one have a clan that i cane join?????

    Im LV 73 and I'm th8 my walls are lv7 and 8 im a good attacker and a good donater 🙂
    And iM VERY active can someone bring me in to a ️LV 70+ ćłàñ with good people??? My name is "Exo-Cannon"

  21. yesterday I figured out that a th8 can beat a th10… well… kinda

    My pekka was one hit away from destroying the th… the the king made her go left…and by the time it died it was too damaged to finish the TH

    it ended in either 42 or 43% no star…kinda sad…but I also felt awesome for nearly 2 starring a th10 🙂

    just wanted to tell someone that…XD

  22. Aww! Well good job for the winners

  23. Phylo_D says:

    That outcome of two stars hurts so bad. Awesome attack

  24. SO FLUFFY says:

    Hahahaha, great video as always

  25. Joshua Wong says:

    Damn, so close I guessed 98percent. Can u pls say hi Heather 🙂

  26. spazvapes says:

    Heather do you by any chance work in a best buy as a samsung vendor?

  27. Just a suggestion. Keep UR clans in check. I joined one of them and they had no leadership and no attack strategies in war.

  28. 99% 2 star, that's gotta hurt, great video aswell, I wish I had your enthusiasm

  29. Stythalicise says:

    Ahh i guessed 99% but I guess a lot of people did.

  30. Great Video close to first

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