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Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 update has been long awaited but perhaps Clash of Clans TH11 is not what farmers need? I wanted to take some time to go through my personal opinion of how clash of clans would not necessarily be better because of an update to TH11.

TL:DR I don’t think it will be a good thing to update to Town Hall 11 I would like to see smaller updates without the loot penalty. What do you think?

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31 Replies to “Clash of Clans Town Hall 11, updates and the future of Clash of Clans | CoC Futures”

  1. AJTokez says:

    Great Vid Great Point 100% Agree

  2. MJcato says:

    eventually the 64 by 64 grid will get packed so there thinking about making it bigger

  3. Whereyada says:

    Daddy, you, my friend, are the greatest Clash youtuber there ever was 🙂

  4. Muk Nebulous says:

    I Wanna See A Sandbox Mode Where U Have Unlimited Gems U Can Set Anything 2 What U Want But Its Not Permanent And U Cant Attack Just See What Its Like 2 Be Maxed Cuz I've Been Stuck On Trying 2 Max TH8 Lvl 8 Walls forever.. Evrything Else Is Max 💯😬

  5. GaMiNg_ViDz says:

    I would love a th11 but I'm currently a th8 and they are just making it harder for lower level people to get good

  6. Rahjan B says:

    Daddy clash of clans has changed a lot. I started in the start of 2013 and looking back so much has changed. It is exciting to think what will come next. Great vid

  7. I deffinately agree with you on why they wouldn't add a town hall 11. On the other hand I'm exactly what you described as the middle person. I'm town hall 9 and I've spent nearly 300 dollars while farming lots. I personally think town hall 11 would be awesome to have just for the sake of having that high of a level to reach. Even though it might take a year or more, updates like a th11 are what keeps the community involved and a fan of the game!

  8. IF they bring out th11 the things you would get would be too OP and the loot penalty will need changing, even though it already does. They can do so much more with th10 like new elixir troops and lvl 12 storages etc

  9. Knoll says:

    Anybody notice that the third raid was before the most recent update? (of the time of this post)

  10. suraj bk says:

    GOD…i love that intro tho…:)

  11. Nick Burson says:

    you just got my sub for these coments

  12. dont understand why you are making this video with a "speculative" tone. you basically know everyone at supercell, don't you?. why dont you just ask, and report back to us?

  13. Jon Lyons says:

    I think supercell need to have the mines and collectors and storage lvls go to 11/12- lvl15 or 16 and drills to lvl 10 and de storage to lvl 8 and make everything cheaper to upgrade and make the map a little bit bigger anyway I'm a th 10 and I feel like I don't have enough room anyway to make my base how I want it to be

  14. We have all been praying not to get a th11. I don't see how it could be done in a way that improves the game. Glad to see sc-backed youtubers making these videos. I hope you are right and we get new and improved features instead

  15. Your Dad says:

    I really did want town hall 11 …….UNTIL daddy explaind it so good in a perspective I JUST CANT EXPLAIN CX


  16. Matt Payton says:

    agreed, now lets move on

  17. Jacob Cobb says:

    They SHOULD make a th 11 because we've got electric walls an tesla's if they don't make th 11 get rid of the electric walls and make the tesla have specs of red because at this point the game is incomplete with a fire th but electric walls makes no sense.

  18. i started just when th 10 came out and now farmed it to max exept walls and heroes so i think it is time for th 11.

  19. Tom Kreg says:

    I have an idea for a spotlight spell. It would make defences that are in range target the troops in the radius they also would forget their previous targets if they can attack a troop in its range.i think it would be very helpful for higher level players. And if there are 2 or more troops in the spotlight then defences just attack the closer one

  20. Sorry I don't agree with you in the last few mths supercell focus has changed from the community to profits . Thier not fixing glitches in the game .. the troops ai that wander around killing walls … troops not targeting heros the list goes on and on I think at this rate they will run clash into the ground

  21. Hey daddy, I've been a fan for a long time, my friend and I made a bet, 10 dollars you will respond to this. Keep up the good work "Daddy"

  22. Ted Joesph says:

    Just my opinion, but I don't see how there will never be town hall 11. If they don't come out with it eventually, this game has hit its peak. There's only so much they can add without it being brand new content, which would then require a new town hall. People at town hall 10 already farm against infernos, so why would they not be able to at a new town hall? There'd be more camp spaces, new hero or new levels to the existing ones, more and maybe new spells, the possibilities are endless.  Also, adding so much content to town hall 10 would just completely separate them from town hall 9s. Just my thoughts.

  23. lolzz……….you trolled the defender in 2nd attack

  24. Hippiq says:

    Wise words Daddy. I surely hope that they won't go to TH11 I even hope they wait with another update for a while. I am still hardcore farmer. I gem exactly as you said. I don't do hard core Gemmming but every now and then two hours sessions with of barching. I am currently getting all the AT to lvl 13 and I still have to do all canons. Only then I really need to do something about my walls as I only have lvl7 walls so I almost see the light at the end of the tunnel but still pretty far and I don't want another round of canons (which I think will be coming in next update) just yet. Been faming around 2 years now (rushed TH to lvl8 as I had no clue about the game back then but I stopped on TH8 and maxed out everything) anyway good video. Thanks 

  25. Will Ballard says:

    Bf i think they still need to put more content in maybe town hall 10 or maybe even the 🙂

  26. Matthew Pike says:

    If they dont make a th 11, than I (a near maxed town hall 10) will have no reason to continue playing. You would undergo the same issue. For it to be fun for months or even years to come, they would need new content. It is fantastic that I can now do clan wars, but what is the point of getting loot if I have nothing new to upgrade. There would be no more high level farming if they did not make a town hall 11 because all the high level players would have no reason to farm

  27. Without knowing where the majority of the money comes from its hard to know what supercell will want to do!. It may be true there is a middle group buying the odd bag of gems but there is also the top people spending 20 and 30k on the game and then a much larger group spending perhaps 2k to 3k!. Hard to tell how that adds up and who they need to keep happiest!. They could please both. The way to do that, would be town hall 11 but increase the farming rate. Such that to start today and max town hall 11 would take the same amount of time as to do the same yesterday for TH10. That could easily be achieved by, for example, loot bonus?. Will be interesting to see what happens! Just as long as they dont nerf my tier one attacks, ill be happy however they go!

  28. daddy you gotta be smartest clash youtuber that doesn't put out war/competitive wars replays out. This totally makes sense bro, Respect subscribed

  29. JAdHum says:

    I would like to see a TH 11. I'm only a mid-TH 9, but I'm going though TH very quickly, and I know TH 10 will slow things down quite a bit, but still, I don't like the idea of not having anything else to upgrade or to look forward to. Once I'm maxed, I will probably quit.

    An interesting idea: make it so one can only upgrade to TH 11 once they've reached a certain trophy level. That will add a new challenge to the game, and prevent people from prematurely upgrading their TH.

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