[Clash of Clans] [Tutorial] How to Lavaloon @ TH9

Clash Of Clans

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Tutorial: How to do 100% to almost maxed th9, being th9.


Tutorial step by step:
1. Use 26 balloons and 3 Lava Hounds, take 1 Lava Hound into your CC too. 2 rage spells and 2 heal spells.
2. Clean up the edges, so the loons could move straigth to the desired target.
3. Deploy 2 Lava Hounds on both air defenses ( you are attacking from 2 sides).
4. Balloons
5. If Hound has all the fire on himself, drop rage spells on the loons.
6. If Hounds are dead, drop heal spells (reccomended is to…

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