Clash Of Clans Update: BOMB TOWER, HOGS & WITCHES – OH MY!

Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Update! Sneak Peek 3 is here! New Defense the Bomb Tower along with dramatically buffed Witch HP/DMG and Hog Riders no longer trigger double GBs. We’ll share gameplay of each live. Will this be TOO much power for the Hogs? (At th9, yes!) Will this be ENOUGH to make Witches great again? (don’t think so, sadly) and will Bomb Tower END spam attacks? (maybe?) Only time will truly tell.

This update is already jam packed with content. BUT will we see a new feature???? Let’s face…

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27 Replies to “Clash Of Clans Update: BOMB TOWER, HOGS & WITCHES – OH MY!”

  1. Chaya N S says:

    yes th12 is blue?
    ash Ur prediction

  2. Jl says:

    Town hall eights be like. We never get anything?. After the update. Great now I have to redesign my base thanks supercell.

  3. Last Crow says:

    Hey ash pls make troophy base th10 thanks bro


  5. Hey man love your video

  6. huru hara says:

    for th8…just use dragon for war now….hihi..

  7. Lol you said you where a loser you are cool off 9 year old!

  8. Anyone need a clan? i'm starting a new clan and any one is welcome. Its called RichusAuthority, please check it out.

  9. how do you got a lot of gems

  10. Plz tell me how to hack coc

  11. That's a lot of gems man.
    Way too much myaan.
    You should give some of it to the poor Clashers.

  12. Deepak Sirvi says:

    hey ask i wanna ask u something… in private

  13. Sky Hunter says:

    xp lvl 221 @th 8 how??

  14. Vijay bj says:

    ash how to more gems like you have on your clans?

  15. how did u get so much gems and got that much elixir

  16. Interеsting nеws!! Caрturеееe Tons of ˑGˑ Еˑ Мˑ Sˑ, ˑGˑ Оˑ Lˑ Dˑ аnd ˑЕ Lˑ Iˑ Хˑ Iˑ Rˑ for ˑFˑ Rˑ Е Еˑ 100% W о r k i n g C о C ˑ Тˑ Оˑ OООOˑ Lˑ!!!! Clаsh Оf Clаns Upрррdаte BОМB ТOWЕR HОGS WITТТТCHЕS ОH МY

  17. Matthew M. says:

    3:11 Ash said: A boner attack


  18. Aayog Dubey says:

    plz tell me how did u get so many gems. ?

  19. Azoz Khld says:

    ممكن قريه قويه تاون هول 8

  20. Jdx Jestar says:

    how can i get unlimited gems in coc someone tell me

  21. Clock 00 says:

    i want your Dark elixir , how ?

  22. Ahmad Al Ali says:

    the bomb tawer kill hog ???

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