Clash of Clans UPDATE – Builder Hall 8 Friendly Challenge PARTY Live!

Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans UPDATE – Builder Hall 8 Friendly Challenge PARTY Live!

Come get a first look at Builder Hall 8 – LIVE – as we have a friendly challenge party, and try out the attacks YOU want to see!

Chief Pat vs. Galadon, the father-son challenge:

Chief Pat vs. Galadon, Right Lane Rush:

Chief Pat, Molt from GamingwithMolt, NickatNyte, Godson, Alvaro845, ClashonGan, and ClashWithAsh face off in a…

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41 Replies to “Clash of Clans UPDATE – Builder Hall 8 Friendly Challenge PARTY Live!”

  1. hi Galadon i'm from the Philippines! very nice to hear that you enjoyed visiting our country 🙂

  2. Thanks sir for demanding new loading screen for indian player thanks very much

  3. GAME PLAY says:

    Wee need Diwali loading screen in clash of clans please bro

  4. We want diwali screen plzzzzzzzzz add

  5. We need diwali loading screen


  7. Hard Score says:

    We want diwali loading screen please please from India ??????

  8. sarfaraz ali says:

    Galadon plz your boss request celebrate Indian festival Diwali and add Diwali home screen plz

  9. Top series says:

    Asian Countries need divali loading screen please sir request to supercell

  10. Please Pay some Attention towards India Here are also many Good Players….

  11. We need Indian festival loading screens and events etc please galadon sir….

  12. RAHUL KING says:

    Diwali loading screen we need

  13. I Subscribed too!!! just now!!!!

  14. Broken ethics constitute shuttle each spirit terrorist beef audience inspiration.

  15. Supercell is bringing these many updates and when they will make a simple change.
    When u lost a connection without deploying any troops in builder base and then u hav to wait for 3-4mins for troops which is so annoying. Can't they do something about this???Plz share this with developers​' team.

  16. Mormorda 666 says:

    Galadon is the kind of guy youd love to bitch slap! The way he talks to folk ?

  17. Mormorda 666 says:

    Is there no new wall sections available at BH8?

  18. Mormorda 666 says:

    You need to get rid of that fecking annoying follow notification!

  19. Super Pekkas are boys! Blue vs Pink!

  20. I want leagues cambodian

  21. Please Add Pakistani Flag..Please

  22. We need a new loadingsreen

  23. Tariq Wani says:

    I want to sell my clash of clan account anyone interested inboz me on whatsapp 8491878349 but only when if half payment before id half after id i had to sell th8 10 and th11

  24. Another trash rushed update money grab update. One thing about supercell they sure are consistent

  25. hey my clan name is FU level 14 full donations and I have town hall 11 max and builder hall 7 max come to my clan

  26. yes all are right we need diwali screen it's ossam!!!!! ????

  27. Peter Causon says:

    drop low and work the game….

  28. Peter Causon says:

    Ok…lets get this straight…he is a gemmer and a coc head…for the ppl that play this game…dont pay for it…play it and scam the pricks

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