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CLASH UPDATE JUST GOT REAL… DONATING DARK SPELLS? Bro. Whats next? How do we feel about this? Today we’re chillin’ with my buddy Supernoob. He may be a little guy now, but we’re gonna watch him turn into a LEGEND, real soon. ENJOY Buddies!
Earn Free Gems for Clash of Clans here:
My invite code is “beak”

Welcome to Beaker’s Lab! I’ve been playing Clash of Clans for over 2 years, have farmed a maxed 2 billion gold grab (and over 12 million Dark Elixir) I hope to show…

clash of clans tips and tricks

31 Replies to “Clash of Clans “UPDATE W/ Super-NOOB!” DONATING DARK SPELLS?”

  1. who's watching in 2018?

  2. RM 10 says:

    I like ur vids very much beak…can i have a heart?

  3. Felix Noren says:

    im th i have lvl 4 wiz and lvl 4 barbs

  4. ZaR3 says:

    Baby Beek account

  5. vRxshan YT says:

    this is where it all started

  6. look how far u have come beaker! also that old intro awesome lit should bring that back some day

  7. Who's here in 2017, thinking that current Beaker is much better than 2015 Beaker…

  8. Lind_Koxha says:

    here's a tip from me on what u should do in clash of clans:don't upgrade ur town hall and rush but max everything and then u should upgrade ur town hall

  9. We gotta donate windmills!

  10. beakers lab can I join your clan

  11. is that your current account #2017 ?

  12. William Swag says:

    Because you are changing the channel can lu lu your rabbit be on screen at the end

  13. GAMER 4 LIFE says: Dont click it

  14. Speedy Salt says:

    Did anyone noticed but he changed to a lev8 clan to a lev11 clan

  15. destoryor700 says:

    yes, I drooped a pekka on a town hall 11!!!!!

  16. Yes I've hit the next to the next button

  17. Beaker your the worst youtuber in the whole entire world

  18. Walaa Taha says:

    guys this second i found unity elite

  19. I am th5 and when a was th4 I atacck with baloons

  20. Dan Housden says:

    On my mini th3 im in bronze 1 with lvl 1 troops but my main can give max loons so its easy to get loot

  21. YMSA (: says:

    donating loot to clan members would be amazing. I invade all day long so my storages are always full. They could add a donation amount limit like no higher than 300k to give to townhalls 6-8 and 500k for 9 and higher. lower than 5 only a max of 100k. And you could only donate once every 1 OR 2 days. MAKE IT HAPPEN SUPERCELL

  22. Brian Tsai says:

    stop chating start attacking

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