Clash Of Clans

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Clash of Clans Privvater Server Clash of Clans – X48 BATTLE MACHINES VS SHERBET TOWERS! General Tony Nickatnyte Molt Galadon Godson Tbot
Background song – Unison – Translucent [NCS Release]
Free Gems –
Promo Code – mrclashercodes
Just another mobile gaming channel uploading games such as Clash Royale Pokemon GO & Clash of Clans I post Speed Builds Gameplays Commentaries Tips Tricks Strategies Guides How To Walk Throughs and much more!
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards…

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6 Replies to “Clash of Clans – X48 BATTLE MACHINES VS SHERBET TOWERS!”

  1. Fadel Elzubi says:

    Hope u can talk in the future

  2. robby says:

    I saw your comment on Logan Pauls video if you really want to grow focus on the algorithm patterns on YouTube and see whats trending and whats not. And if you are trying to grow by playing only Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go, which are good games don't get me wrong. But you wont grow as easily. YouTubers like ,JacksepticEye and Pewdiepie got their fanbase by following whats popular and just being good in the buisness and having bubbily personalities. Now I don't know what personaltiy you have, but it seems like a good one. I encourage you to follow this, but if not that's fine do what you want. Have a nice journey!

  3. Mr Clasher says:

    Just left some music in the background but make sure to leave a like for the video! #ClashofClans

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