COD Ghost vs BF4 Graphics (Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4 Graphics) Comparison, quality

Battlefield 4

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Cod Ghost vs BF4 Graphics (Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4 Graphics) Comparison

A little bit of a biased video but I like poking fun at Call of duty. It should be interesting to see how BF4, and COD Ghost graphics play out on the Xbox One, and PS4. Hopefully Battlefield 4 and COD Ghost will both look great and be a lot of fun to play.

Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4 Graphics
Ghost vs Bf4 Graphics

29 Replies to “COD Ghost vs BF4 Graphics (Call of Duty Ghost vs Battlefield 4 Graphics) Comparison, quality”

  1. warwolf says:

    I prefer bf4 (graphics)

  2. Monica Imes says:

    Battlefield sucks, its not realistic at all. CALL OF DUTY IS THE BEST 1ST PERSON SHOOTER GAME, SCREW BATTLEFIELD

  3. Bob Job says:

    Everybody fighting, both games are bad.

  4. Fuck you nd your gay ass battlefield. 😂

  5. cough cough (graphics dont make games) cough cough

  6. People, just search Arma II and Arma III in best graphics. The power of PCs.

  7. Marcus Busby says:

    They are both let downs.

  8. so the rocks of call of duty can ecxally grow out of nowhere?!?

  9. HAPPY ASIAN says:

    Bf4 has what every CoD game haven't had VEHICLES In multiplayer

  10. dawud Brown says:

    Dadacools Realm is not wright because cod ghost is the worst i have it on my ps3 bf4 is way better like i said

  11. dawud Brown says:

    i have cod ghost an bf4 but i think cod ghost has better graphics than bf4 even no  bf4 is way better!!!!!! like cod ghost is 1 of the worst shooting games i ever played the only good part about it is the story mode. 

  12. KonTs says:

    I have cod ghosts and i hav played a lot of bf4!Codis a game which you play to have fun and has really improved graphics in comparison with other cods.Bf4 is a moder war simulator which make everything as realistic as it is in a real war but thats not always fun.I think cod is better as a game!

  13. NightMare says:

    Lol, meanwhile cod is detailing pebbles…

  14. ben stadler says:

    Lol bf4 is all "whatcha know about buildings, rock boy" XD

  15. I have both CoD Ghosts and BF4 , but lets be honest – frosbyte beats CoD in graphics but CoD is just CoD , it is afterall a kinda legendary game cause its just fun to play , but BF4 is awesome as well due to the vehicles (srry I forgot how to spell it if I spelled it wrong) and bigger maps , my opinion is that BF4 has a little bit better campaign and multiplayer but people just dont argue anymore , dont be a fanboy dick , both games are awesome and everyone has personal opinion so try being more respectful people 🙂

  16. Sleepy Dude says:

    While COD: Ghosts is a horrible game, BF4 has a lot of problems and lies too, such as the "full scale destruction" which is actually scripted destruction because everything always breaks in the same way. It's still better than ghosts though.

  17. Adolf Hitler says:

    I want a real comparison? please?

  18. 40 people…never go full retard

  19. wiirules13 says:


  20. Justin Hall says:

    Infinity Ward – "We learned how to make rocks and a perfect circle in real time". 

    DICE – "We learned how to demolish full scale buildings and environments, a little thing we call LEVALUTION!!!".

    Infinity Ward – "Hey we have that to!!!".

    DICE – "What? Some logs rolling down the hill?".

    Infinity Ward – "0____0               F*CK YOU!!!!".  

  21. Bf4 sucks donkey balls just like pong iys only funif your playimg with hookers

  22. Danny P says:

    Goes to show u that trey arch are taking ur money, dice spend it on more development.. Obviously

  23. Juan Sollet says:

    I like cod but compared to BF its a piece of SHIT.

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