Counter Strike 1.6 download Protocol 48 Windows 8

Counter Strike

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* Latest Counter Strike 1.6 client (protocol 48/p48)
* Tutorial for installation & download & more info @ pm
url for download: (96804824f2858901076c82963bb146a5)

26 Replies to “Counter Strike 1.6 download Protocol 48 Windows 8”

  1. ethancedrik says:

    Awesome, Thanks! It's working just fine now!

  2. hank5060 says:

    thanks it works =)

  3. awflys says:

    i can't open the link for the cs 

  4. IOv says:

    hw to get p48 id?

  5. Merge si pe servere Mix?

  6. thanks thanks !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. MrBemvee says:

    are you homosexual?

  8. Grizley says:


  9. look it up in youtube 🙂

  10. Down L'Oued says:

    Half Life Don't Work 🙁

  11. Paul Hayek says:

    Thanks From You I Have made My First Server Very Thanks if you want to join my ip —-»

  12. GeekTigana says:

    it have half life ???

  13. it takes much time to get the server .. still downloading …. help ..plzzz

  14. thanks your the one who helped me to do my own server thank you 😀

  15. hmcrxx says:

    Thanks U Babyyyyyyy :DDDDD

  16. MrBemvee says:

    MOH – Taking The Field

  17. miaNfima says:

    how to add this game on steam and play?

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