Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 Hack Admin 2016-2017 NEW By SniperSpy

Counter Strike

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31 Replies to “Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 Hack Admin 2016-2017 NEW By SniperSpy”

  1. Ayoub Kadri says:

    Are you Stupids? It's a trojan ! it's a Trojan-Horse xD

  2. Ayoub Kadri says:

    Nice Trojan Dude! Don't Use ProRat or Subseven , Use N.O.V.A an other time! HAHAHAHHA Fail Joker xD

  3. Ahad Ahmed says:

    thank you very muck WTF not work

  4. jurko says:

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! virus aaaaaaaaaaaa
    help mi

  5. NOOB YT says:

    the hack didnt open help and i will subscibe

  6. how to open hack when i try to open the hack i just click on it and then press enter and then nothing happens help me please and tell me what cs should i use if thats the problem?

  7. lan su lınkı ver orpsu cocukları

  8. nizar naimi says:

    pls guys subscribe We are Crazy Guys

  9. nizar naimi says:

    guys is not sleep is working 100% my pc no sleep

  10. Smurfy SG says:

    my pc is sleep this is virus



  12. dont download it is virus!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Skiller Dz says:

    this hack using darkcomet nice try but not me 😛

  14. Yes This Hack Not Opening

  15. Skiller Dz says:

    this hack have trojan
    dont open

  16. king hacker says:

    who want subscribed?????

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