Counter Strike online 2 China gameplay

Counter Strike

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12 Replies to “Counter Strike online 2 China gameplay”

  1. Alguien sabe como tener a mew en Pokémon verde hoja

  2. LEONARDO says:

    Excuse me i want to ask for help to you to make me id cso2 because in my country not provided china id (i live in indonesia) … i deeply appreciate your help if you make one for me.
    you can send the new ID to my email

  3. DoctorFox says:

    why does it have anime girls!?!?! It's counter strike!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the gameplay. I love the menu theme. MAAAN, I want to play it! Valve, please bring this to Europe. At least I would try it

  5. Kaffe Kaffe says:

    thats not even counter strike ._.

  6. NOvOB GAMING says:

    who need this game when u have csgo????????

  7. Amazing music choice at the start of the video! 😀 "Let go" By Red :>

  8. @kevinHD343

    1.草 尼 玛




  9. How the hell were you able to play the game. I can't even download the game.

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