Custom RES + Tips to BOOST FPS in Fortnite!


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Custom RES + Tips to BOOST FPS in Fortnite!


? Fortnite Battle Royale Settings:
Resolution: 1600 x 1080
Sensitivity: X – 0.13 / Y – 0.13 | ADS/SCOPED 80%…

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29 Replies to “Custom RES + Tips to BOOST FPS in Fortnite!”

  1. Ali Hadi says:

    I don't have nvidia control panel so if I do everything except that will it still increase my fps

  2. sNx says:

    Voice Metter ? xd

  3. spider pugs says:

    thanks bro im sure this will help allot considering I play on a gaming laptop

  4. The only settings i see in the battery thing is Balanced, i cant add anything lol.
    my windows 10 is weird anyway, different from everyone else, looks kinda like windows 7.

  5. SilverBr33z3 says:

    Boosted my frames from 80 to 150 without even changing res thx

  6. When the best player gives the best tips, what else could you asked for!!

  7. Zar I.P. says:

    (Sorry for my English) I knew you cause of Pow3r, you're the best player in the world

  8. How to delte your custom resolutiin??!!

  9. Jacker GT says:

    hello does it works on windows 7?

  10. Zraeus Zen says:

    can anyone tell me how to get more fps!!!! dont tell me to get new graphic card… Im poor 🙁

  11. Zraeus Zen says:

    already did this 4 months ago hmm

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! instead of 60fps, I’m at 130fps on native. Now I can stream 😀

  13. Rowxah says:

    I had my image setting set fully to display

  14. I had my dpi on 1500 and my x and y were 0.24 , 0.28
    I noticed that my aim was not that accurate so i slowly started to reduce my dpi and in game sensi, currently i am at 1000 dpi and 0.11 x and 0.14 y.
    I feel like it is very slow and idk like my mouse and my wrist kind of sticks to mousepad. And yes btw my mousepad is very old and has a few things on it which it shouldn't have.
    Should i move my dpi back to 1500 or i will get used to that 1000 dpi movement.
    My laptop is 5 years old and mousepad is 2+ years old.
    Help would be appreciated brother. Really want to improve my gameplay so that when i get my new pc and everything i could perform way better than now

  15. Kysaa - says:

    In my Nvidia control panel there’s no option to customize my resolution.Does anyone know why or a fix?

  16. joo jett yee says:

    pro player and the beast instructor

  17. Ninja Mark says:

    I have Nvidia but the display settings doesn’t show for me, do you know how to fix it?

  18. Spencer Lau says:

    u luved da vid man, keep up da tipz bro

  19. MR. adis says:

    thanks so much i got 30 fps and after this video i have got 65

  20. Aludoan says:

    what about for AMD?

  21. WickedNC says:

    this was so helpful i didnt know any of this before you showed me thank you!!

  22. Nico Decoud says:

    awesome vid to be honest. never saw all of does little things being rather turn off, deactiveted or deleted to boost performance. Thanks Eryc!

  23. flame says:

    nice vid man, keep it up!

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