Did Fortnite Steal the Milly Rock?


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Epic Games is getting sued for turning rapper 2 Milly’s dance into a Fortnite emote:

How to Copyright a Dance:

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29 Replies to “Did Fortnite Steal the Milly Rock?”

  1. kingnro1 says:

    I heard that there's a video where he says that he didn't actually invent the dance. If that's true, how could he possibly win?

  2. cyber-Killa says:

    Aye can u review my killshot remix ik its old but u should check out my music youll like it

  3. Did Karen really take the kids

  4. Kenny G says:

    Let's argue:

    Cal chuchesta has the best teeth in the game

  5. TerkMerk says:

    wow fantano, you didn't have to milly rock all over fortnite's dead body…

  6. dad says:

    anthony what was the point of this

  7. goobiehoobie says:

    I worked at a summer camp as a counselor. I saw plenty a FortNight dances while working there

  8. React to these ICE CUBE WORD TAPES


  10. Joe DidIt says:

    i agree with melon here to 100%
    copyright laws are garbage but if we live in the system,
    we gotta use it so creators can get payed
    lets say copyright laws would have been more lose
    then they would have called the dance the "milly rock"
    and 2 milly would have gained popularity and made a check that way
    but now they avoid these name drops and rather leave the creator's name
    completely out of the discussion
    which is the most unfair thing ever

  11. Ell Pacino says:

    Lmao my dude wants that Fornite money.

  12. mub akram says:

    The milly rock dance is unlocked with the battle pass in one of the seasons, so its cost made from the dance cannot be calculated like one of the dances sold in the shop! :/ so idk

  13. Tylericous says:

    "Milly Rock has been everywhere" I legit don't even know who this guy is or the dance even while being subbed here. Is he actually popular?

  14. Dylan Hill says:

    I love your content but saying white people have no rhythm therefore should never attempt to dance is just wrong.

  15. Stonez says:

    7:39 suicide rates drop to 0%

  16. Fresh Heat says:

    Melon please review YouTube rewind 2018

  17. The return of thatistheplan

  18. maj klod says:

    Default dance >>>>>>

  19. Epic Games also needs to run Donald Faison his check. God he's so handsome…

  20. baldy wearing a hartford whalers jersey i like it

  21. dlozza2000 says:

    When is the cal skin coming?

  22. Andrew says:

    This is fucked, not as fucked as your hairline tho

  23. this belongs on that is the plan :/

  24. MrGrouch86 says:

    Wasn't the Scrubs guy not happy they stole his dance too?!

  25. That's a dance? That is how I move when I stub my toe.

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