Division 2 Not Coming to Steam + 30k PUBG Players Banned + Skyrim Composer Gives OK To Modders


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The Division 2 is releasing only on the Epic Games Store and Uplay for PC, PUBG dropped the ban hammer handing out 30k bans to cheaters, The composer of Skyrim allows indie and mod devs to freely use his new album it in their projects, and more!

Hosted By: Kdin Jenzen
Written By: Lawrence Sonntag
Edited By: Aaron Porter

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46 Replies to “Division 2 Not Coming to Steam + 30k PUBG Players Banned + Skyrim Composer Gives OK To Modders”

  1. Brian Juarez says:

    Lets play guess that gender

  2. A new host hey…. k den… oh wait sorry my bad it's written Kdin

  3. Whats with all the dislikes?

  4. Weird Guy says:

    is that a man or a woman?

  5. Exvalos says:

    What happened to the hot blonde?

  6. Alexander TT says:

    Is that a guy or girl?

  7. The Spider says:

    Dude,where's my Brian.

  8. JNPollard says:

    She spoke very well great job

  9. tomatoisjp says:


  10. IMStarbuck says:

    Videos would be better if John wasn't in the background yelling out useless noises.

  11. komradkyle says:

    heyyyyyy vita needs love

  12. Peaches says:

    kdin is alive ;-; i love you kdin

  13. Kinzley says:

    Kdin's living her best life and I love her

  14. Kevin Gagnon says:

    Is the person talking a dude or a chick? I’m having trouble tell which.

  15. Mac Xtc says:

    Who cares?!?… I don't want any of ubsofts titles anyway… Let em' knock themselves out!…

  16. DirtY TatteR says:

    As long as they keep Gus locked up in the basement I'm fine. #FuckGus

  17. Kent Coleman says:

    Not the friendliest community on YouTube. Welcome new person.

  18. Joz says:

    You guys: "What happened to everyone else? Why is it only Brian now, we want variety!"
    Also you guys: "What happened to Brian!?!?!?"

  19. Welcome Kdin. Excellent job.

  20. C REX says:

    Did Ubisoft just assume my game launcher?

  21. Brappy-Hour says:

    Here for the news, sticking around for the comments.

  22. courier nue says:

    Im happy with skrillix over brians forever stuffy nose.

  23. Good to see Kdin again. As a rare Vita owner, it's a shame the Vita never took off, I personally still use it for stuff. It does make an excellent little indie machine (though at this point just use the switch for that soooo….)

  24. anthill350 says:

    Nooooo not Brian too!!

    Side note ayyyy Kdin👌

  25. Good job Kdin. I say you fight Brian in a match of Beyblade™ to see who gets to host.

  26. psych96 says:

    Now that was a good "The know" episode didn't take it self seriously and it was funny


  28. Ben KT says:

    Looking good Kdin, love the read, very upbeat and fun.

  29. Anze G says:

    The sausage fest is over o/

  30. Had head phones in and could not for the life of me decide if it was male or female lol

  31. Grad to see a new face on The Know.

  32. Great work Kdin!! Pleased to meet you and I hope you host more episodes!

  33. Hi new person! Happy to see you host an episode of the know!

  34. Nine Worlds says:

    i'm new to this lgbqt-thing. what do i call this?

  35. Tsami M says:

    I love kdin she looks so pretty 😭 😭 😭

  36. jgcujo says:

    So they have a transgender now doing the news. Cheers to you RT cheers

  37. Ooo Brian has competition! Kdin, good job dude! 😀

  38. Hey love the channel, all of you guys are awesome, Kdin, I love your energy, keep up the great work, it's great to see a new face on The Know news channel

  39. Kdin, you are an inspiration. Keep being you for all of us that can't be us.

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