Does Mongraal Deserve the Title "Fortnite Prodigy"? Let's Find Out!


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Everyone keeps calling Mongraal a Fortnite Prodigy. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are!
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34 Replies to “Does Mongraal Deserve the Title "Fortnite Prodigy"? Let's Find Out!”

  1. D3MO says:

    You mean Faze Mongraal

  2. Who watches this but never do it

  3. Mongrall is the type of player that uses over 1000 mats to kill a player.
    He's still good tho

  4. TRUMP 2020 says:

    Remember when being called a prodigy used to mean something now you get caught a prodigy for being good at a fucking video game

  5. Thanks I’ll come to school next week. 😉

  6. Only OG players can press LIKE

  7. QQ WW says:

    i am a console noob and i have been doin the exact same cone thing for ages

  8. Pinks STOP says:

    Wait this is a fortnite educational video?

  9. This channel too underrated

  10. Dean says:

    omg dude ur so smart, i really needed you too tell me everything he was doing, thanks dude, made me click of cuz of how fucking annoying is was.

  11. Max Cool says:

    I feel like he is saying not mongraal but he is saying mango

  12. Tibyyy says:

    I killed him in a pub
    weird flex but ok

  13. He just has a good gaming chair

  14. Gova says:

    What skin is this? The one with like the blonde hair and jacket that he wearing????

  15. No one cares about this crappy fat kid. Looking at that asshole's face kills me.

  16. LlamaCraft says:

    everyone does know that he could have killed them both faster if he was actually good right?

  17. xander ng says:

    this channel is for bots

  18. Here let me describe everything he does that’ll help

  19. Reco says:

    This is amazing!! This is the only channel like this! Keep doing these videos!

  20. Sippy ツ says:

    Mongraal earned the fatass title

  21. Sweeps says:

    idk man as a streamer he is boring to watch , he kinda toxic but he plays amazing. mixed feelings

    edit: he is the streamer not me

  22. When I watch mongraal I feel like I could play like this but then I get into a game and start to panic and forget these kinds of tips and resort back to just building

  23. Honestly he's 14 so who cares. You can't compete till you're 18. Fortnite will be dead well before 18 and a new game will have already taken its place. His best chance is just to stream and wait for the new game to come out when he's of age.

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