EASY Tips to BUILD FAST on Console! How to Build Faster in Fortnite (Ps4/Xbox Building Tips)


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How to Build! How to Build Faster on Console! Ps4/Xbox Building Tips! How to win in Fortnite! In this video I will go into playground to show some of my best tips on how to build faster on console! I will show a Simple Building Tip to Build faster in Fortnite so that you can become a better builder and improve in Fortnite as well as learn how to win here in Fortnite season 6! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more Tips and Tricks videos!



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45 Replies to “EASY Tips to BUILD FAST on Console! How to Build Faster in Fortnite (Ps4/Xbox Building Tips)”

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  2. Your the best
    Xbox 1:GeTsUmSHORTY

  3. New to fortnite so I'm new to ur channel..liked subscribed
    Ps4 console
    Gamer tag: Grafr310

  4. Hey young humor my epic is ryan.rodriguez1718@gmail.com

  5. Uriah Minnis says:

    My name on ps4 is umin2501-uriah

  6. Trey Meeks says:

    I learned alot "my epicgames name is Treymeeks755"

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  8. Max Baker says:

    Love you’re videos

  9. Max Baker says:

    You’re the best!!!


  11. SPKY Hitman says:

    Alright builder hope to get my first skin I have one winand that's it basically

  12. King Man says:

    Epic account:aihamxking

  13. james6803 says:

    Do you not have little jumps from stamina from jumping too much ?

  14. james6803 says:

    Add me on epic ? I play on Xbox LucidjamesXXX

  15. My fortnite gamer tag is d3s3aN92

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    i hope i win. My mom won't let me buy v-bucks imma no-skin right now. I liked and subscribed

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    My nick: Totko1O1

    Add me plss i have no friends rip but i am good

  19. Slightlyred3456 xbox dude this helped me so much I’m still not as goood as u but I’m progressing

  20. jcb_soccer05 is my epic account name

  21. my xbox gamertag is BlueWarrior3030

  22. Chi Quan Vo says:

    PS4 : account –> black_poro

  23. Nice video bro
    GamerTag: FinesseDaQueen

  24. My epic games is litboy82

  25. New sub, thanks for the tips. PS4: dphylan

  26. GIG says:

    You build is very very low im build is 3× fast lets play 1vs1 on build im play ps4 GiG_YouTube nick

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