EPIC BF4 C4 KILLS! – Battlefield 4 PC Ultra Settings 1080 HD by Whiteboy7thst

Battlefield 4

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Hello, I am Whiteboy7thst a future Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Commentator. I post all types of call of duty games including, COD4, CODWAW, COD MW2, COD BO1, COD MW3, COD BO2, COD GHOSTS and COD AW. Basically if you like call of…

50 Replies to “EPIC BF4 C4 KILLS! – Battlefield 4 PC Ultra Settings 1080 HD by Whiteboy7thst”

  1. jaka kozjek says:

    U killed jahova and level cap

  2. Gavin Heath says:

    c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4 c4

  3. Josh Darun says:

    Whiteboy7thst do you think we could play together sometime

  4. you should make multiplayer series about this game cause its sick!!

  5. you should make multiplayer series about this game cause its sick!!

  6. Oooooo u got lvlcap!!!!!! Ooo he got lvlcap

  7. Komrade says:

    You are literally the worst type of player. This why us BF vets hate the cod community. You c4 troll and teebag. Never play battlefield again.

  8. steve081372 says:

    AWESOME!!! BATTLEFIELD 4 ROCKS!!! Like IGN said… puts damn Call of Duty Ghosts to shame lmao. ONLY in Battlefield!! Welcome to Battlefield Whiteboy

  9. Pokermans says:

    When jahova did a video playing BF4 he always got killed by him he called him a bastard then at the end he said he is cool with him and ya…..

  10. Toxic Toast says:

    OMG shut up no one wants to hear u we just want to see gameplay

  11. Sloppy Joe says:

    anyone see kyrsp33dy holy shiiit

  12. Lol he killed jahova

  13. Aveev says:

    Hey it's jahova

  14. cod ghosts extinction duhh

  15. Fucking C4 NOOOOOOOB

  16. Kazukamichan says:

    it's funny how every time he uses the c4 he kills the enemy and himself

  17. nib1411 says:

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  18. myDeathwish says:


  19. Kidyugi1 says:

    Whitboy your views are getting low

  20. devilpup504 says:

    sp33dy and johva playing with whiteboy? omg youtube just got a shit ton better lmao

  21. You can play battlefield but do not post it or we will CoD newbs running around trying to quickscope and 360 which

  22. you killed jahova 3 times XD he must be so pissed!

  23. Don't be such a downer, man 🙂

  24. ugh imma have to wait for mine >.>

  25. speedy stealing his glory!

  26. Jordan says:

    he killed levelcap :')

  27. Sithroh says:

    Jahova u Tbaged Jahova are u joking me

  28. YSL Moise says:

    Dude shut up man, you are obviously one of those haters out there crying themselves to sleep b/c you can't do anything productive in life. Whiteboy is awesome and if you think he is a cheap ass, than click off the video. One less hater to worry about. Nobody wants to hear you rant about your feelings.

  29. i see what you did there, very clever.

  30. Did you guys see him get the triple kill on LevelCap when he was in the boat

  31. eliteboiiii says:

    your on ign's BF4 review aha

  32. TheArkaTek says:

    Hey Whiteboy, you killed Adam Sessler from Rev3 games at one point. Just thought I'd point that out.

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