FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 175+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!


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1) How do I record / stream?
– I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and…

fornite mobile tips and tricks

22 Replies to “FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 175+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!”

  1. Your my fav mobile fortnite player…YouTuder

  2. You are soo slow i am better than u

  3. DKP_Wolf says:

    Don’t wanna be rude but u have a big forehead

  4. Does this work for mini 4

  5. Your not the fastest builder all you do is click bait plz stop

  6. I’m 99.9999999% sure that you aren’t the best mobile builder you haven’t seen Adamxlegend if you think you the best even he doesn’t claim to be the best

  7. why is your vids so long

  8. He look like butthead from beavis and butthead

  9. Damm he doesn’t play with fans

  10. GAMOV says:

    Hi there!do you remember me?
    I subbed when you are at 1.5k or something n now you have grown so much and I wish you will 500k soon!Best of luck?

  11. Pulse Ninja says:

    What do you use to stream?

  12. You are great YouTuber

  13. Jauks says:

    i have more fortnite mobile wins den u ( 212)

  14. Do u know how to stream off a iPad 2 2017?

  15. Werdna41003 says:

    I don’t know if you know this but you can put a build reset on mobile now just go to hud layout and swipe up and it will have a whole bunch of extra buttons

  16. Marvin Mota says:

    SSN Santa let play duos am good bro am good at killing people in get a win ???

  17. Are you right handed or left handed

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