FORSEN OMEGALUL #1 best stream sniper moments highlights (playerunknown’s battlegrounds pubg)


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Megahit – The Slum

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34 Replies to “FORSEN OMEGALUL #1 best stream sniper moments highlights (playerunknown’s battlegrounds pubg)”

  1. wtf xD what is this community xD

  2. rachel says:

    he gets omegaluled so much omg

  3. Zerenda says:

    forsens aim OMEGALUL

  4. Kabrosh says:

    Reported for stream sniping


  6. Toast Fish says:

    wtf is this video. fucking vod f.. friends

  7. Action is coming I promise you

  8. Comical says:

    I want people to stream snipe me lmao

  9. Hakan GL says:

    this is so fucking insane and hilarious XDDD

  10. Rocky Harris says:

    What’s the point in this shit????

  11. Zam0rak41 says:

    2:57 whats the name of this aids?

  12. best 2017: sun_with_face:clap

  13. Pasito says:

    What's the first sound effect(drums/banging)

  14. Can4e3 says:

    Папич жалуется на стримснайперов?

  15. Bergstrand says:

    Song name at the end?

  16. SimpleManiac says:

    Yo whats the song name at 0:20? (I dont mean running in the 90s, the other one with rape)

  17. fitte says:

    1:59 блять никогда так не смеялся

  18. dirtyflame says:

    :sun_with_face: Clap

  19. I can never get past the 20 second mark without having to pause it b/c im laughing my ass off.

  20. Mert1313 says:

    what is this meme at 2:59?

  21. Poor Forsen lmfao can’t play one normal game smh

  22. Joseph M says:

    Action is coming, action is coming.

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