FORTNITE CREATIVE MODE!! (How to play / Get Creative Mode in fortnite)


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how to play fortnite creative mode on fortnite pc/ps4/xbox/switch & mobile. get creative mode and season 7 battlepass

fornite mobile tips and tricks

15 Replies to “FORTNITE CREATIVE MODE!! (How to play / Get Creative Mode in fortnite)”

  1. Nova Ruby says:

    Fuck you epic games make it free

  2. Will it be for Nintendo Switch?

  3. Would I have to buy battle pass at launch or could I buy on friday

  4. Feebee 31 says:

    Will this be on mobile?

  5. Ayman Shaikh says:

    you have lots of information and glas you share it 😃

  6. ZeOMeRiN says:

    What platforms is it available on

  7. An airplane?! wonder if that is that's a new BR item

  8. HugosHugo says:

    This is so dope! Thanks for letting us know

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