FORTNITE How To AIM BETTER PC/CONSOLE MASTER GUIDE (Settings, Sensitivity, Shotguns, Tips & Tricks)


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Hey Youtube! In this guide, I go over everything you need to know about how to aim better on PC/Console in Season 10 of Fortnite. To show you how to improve your aim, I talk about Settings, Sensitivity, a Practice Course, and I give some Aiming Tips and Tricks. I intentionally made this guide really long, so hopefully there is some aim advice in here for everyone, including PC, Console, Xbox, PS4 and any other Fortnite players. I also talk about how to aim better with shotguns later in the…

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38 Replies to “FORTNITE How To AIM BETTER PC/CONSOLE MASTER GUIDE (Settings, Sensitivity, Shotguns, Tips & Tricks)”

  1. I subbed, your content is great

  2. PPen says:

    No one gotta ask what happened to the sound quality at 17:59

  3. xlitehero says:

    great like last year's guide, i definitely got even better at aiming, thank you 😀

    edit: 1st time getting a heart, ty 😀

  4. Sialation says:

    I don’t think there is such thing as mouse acceleration epic even said it is not in there game but the rest of the video was great 👍

  5. Does the pointer speed affect in game sensitivity?

  6. Thanks for a vid that isn’t clickbate

  7. Man u r gonna go long :') I'm an OG subscriber and Ur content is just pure GOLD !! ATB for the future and continue this grind mate :') 🔥

  8. If anyone wants to know the background song is by helli on SoundCloud this song is called build I’m prety sure

  9. fortnite already said that fortnite doesnt have mouse acceleration LMAO

  10. MightyDarkK says:

    Your mic lagged in the end and repeated what you said earlier

  11. MightyDarkK says:

    I didn't get the notification :C but still i always wait patiently on a guide and i found yours thanks for the tips man really useful

  12. Zaykiee says:

    I want to change my dpi to 400 but I don’t know how please make a video about it and great video keep it up 💯🔥

  13. TB Gamming says:

    Bro 70% of time time i miss my shotgun shots mostly the combat shoti but hopefully ur tips helps…liked and subbed

  14. Luis Galang says:

    SpookLuke: How to get better aim

    No one:

    SpookLuke: Bullying a DEFAULT… 🤪

  15. Weirdguttz says:

    mouse acceleration is only turned on on a mac

  16. Void Clan says:

    you’re pretty ok with tips but not the best

  17. Get Help says:

    excellent video! make another video on sensitivity as im having the worst problem of finding a perfect sensitivity for me

  18. Hasu btw says:

    Just a view things I want to mention:
    1. High Sens can be as good as low sens BUT it takes way more practice. Dont try high sens, hit some flicks and think: OMG high sens is insane. High sens is good for flicks Yes, but the muscle memory, accuracy and tracking prvided by low sens is imo much more important

    2. If you switch to mouse or start using it PLEASE use same x and y sens. Yes some pros use different x and y but thats only because they are used to it from older games. The same x and y lets you build a much better muscle memory.

    3. Dont underrate tracking. Seriously. I see many players only work on their flicks by using tile frenzy etc. Tracking beats flicks by a lot. Yes, you should practice flicks too but Lasering people is often much safer and stronger. Why focuss on shotguns when you can Laser people before they come in close range 😉

    4. Choose a sens and KEEP IT. Dont change it every few weeks. You need to build muscle memory and this only builds by practicing this specific sens.

    Thats all, have a great day and gl practicing.

  19. Are you on laptop?????

  20. Saif Zone says:

    Who else liked at the beginning of the video

  21. I already knew all of this stuff, but i watched it all cuz it was entertaining lol

  22. Clemsonfan3 says:

    quick question why you cap your fps @ 60

  23. ExoticNature says:

    Glad to Help with footage 🙂

  24. AfraidTV says:

    I love you vids and I also love
    Jerian so thx for making this video it will help my aima lot I was wondering if maybe we could play a couple games it would mean the world to me

  25. SpookLuke says:

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this video, I really wanted to make sure it was complete and I didn't want to rush anything. Let me know if this video helps you or if you have any questions. Also, let me know what you guys want to see for my 10k subscriber special; I still haven't decided exactly on what I want to do.. Thanks for the support guys!

    Ps The audio is messed up at the end because of a copyright claim. Sorry about that :/

  26. TH_GAMING2 says:

    Fortnite should add health potions that gives you 50hp like shield potions and a shield consumable that gives u max shield when drink it

  27. pissgoat says:

    have a g703 can confirm it's just as good as wired

  28. Hey! I've been with you from the beginning and have ALWAYS wanted to have a 1 on 1 talk (I need some mixed tips). If you could, please add me. My epic is Sm00th_Destr0yer (the o's are zeroes). Love you man <3

  29. Remember me i was the one who noticed that you watched avatar the last airbender

  30. Envyx says:

    Thanks for making these videos they help me alot

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