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The Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet Thanos game mode LTM was recently released in Fortnite update v4.1. This game mode is really cool, as you get to play as Thanos from Infinity War if you find the Infinity Gauntlet before everyone else does or kill a player with the Infinity Gauntlet playing as Thanos. This videos showcases gameplay of the new Infinity Gauntlet Fortnite LTM. It also includes a solo win 1v1 against Thanos. This is my first Fortnite live commentary as well. Let me know if you…

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  1. YaBoyPsycho says:

    I hope you guys enjoy this video! Please let me know if you prefer live commentary or just pure gameplay videos with no talking. I figured I would try this out for the first time. I apologize for the bad audio quality, but this is the only way that I can currently record live commentaries, which is through my PS4 headset.Thank you all for watching! <3

  2. Don’t cuss in your vids

  3. nice video you are the best

  4. Absolutely a god at fortnite ninja if your ever in a match with this guy exit the game immediately you will have no chance of winning

  5. Yo you defeated thanos and you were the last guy man your over powered sick vid bro

  6. How the hell are you fast as building and that you are so good

  7. Kian Vaziri says:

    Awesome video! Your channel is underrated af

  8. Loved your love commentary! Please do more vids like this!!!!

  9. SeanIsOG says:

    i dig the live comm bro!

  10. you play fortnite just like me

  11. classic says:

    I prefer these kinds of videos ! It was great, but it’s understandable if you don’t want to LOL! Yeeeee amazing videos dude!

  12. Pls be familyfreindly!! Best uoutuber ever!!

  13. Mini Ayo says:

    Your a boss man love it

  14. Haloskulls82 says:

    I prefer you talking it's more understandable. And we Can hear your reactions to some stuff

  15. Spider - Man says:

    This…Man… IS A GOD!

  16. Budistu ' says:

    I hear your for the first time!:) BIG LIKE BRO:) KEEP IT UP!❤😉

  17. etxh says:

    Yay brite bomber my fav skin i bought it today! 😀

  18. Son Goku says:

    What setting u play with? If I may ask

  19. Better than ali a you get straight to the point

  20. SAD says:

    Does this count as a solo win?

  21. 👍👍👍👍👍👍💟✌

  22. Motboat says:

    does the wins count on stats?

  23. Jorm says:

    I just got my first win solo 😀 First of many! I really don't like this LTM but the video was good, keep it going 🙂

  24. Mitly says:

    A bit early


  25. VJuazy says:

    Whats your sensivity

  26. iMigie says:

    Ur one of the best YouTubers others have some competition

  27. Foxyjake YT says:

    Before 50 views!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  28. Can you make A video where you try builder pro?❤️

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