Fortnite Papercraft : Life Size Ragnarok Tutorial


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Showcasing Ragnarok from Epic Games, Fortnite. Mask was first shown into season 5 as a Final battle pass perk. You can make your own for cosplay or going to a Halloween party.

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28 Replies to “Fortnite Papercraft : Life Size Ragnarok Tutorial”

  1. Super Drift says:

    Is it me or am I satisfied watching this get put together?

  2. And please show the parts needed for each step next time 🙂
    last time I had to put the speed to 0.25 so I could see what part you used. 😉

  3. RARFURR says:

    how many pages for the template are?

  4. Wow que bien echó esta eso

  5. Sanz Master says:

    Wildcard mask please

  6. Eric Moreno says:

    Where is the downloalding????

  7. You should make a sans mask

  8. i cant seem to download the pdf plz help

  9. Can you make dj yonder next btw you earned a subscriber

  10. Has el comodin de fortnite

  11. Hi! I'm wondering if you know about the cost and time to make for this? Thanks!

  12. Tømék xD says:

    wow its amazing. please make dj yonder mask from fortnite

  13. Amazing bigger that I anticipated

  14. God blue says:

    One more question is it wearable

  15. God blue says:

    How did your subcriber got so low

  16. alireza hp says:

    niceeee????keep it up bro

  17. Effenheim says:

    make a bowsette papercraft(? :v

  18. Alonso Reyes says:

    Hello, do you have a direct download URL because i cant do it fromthe link you gave :/

  19. ezerskii says:

    Hey there! Is there any fine tuning I could make to the model to use it as a mask? That would be really dope

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