Fortnite: Save The World – Power Level 131 – Finally!


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Fortnite: STW – It is FINALLY time! Here we go! Let’s push to Level 131 and talk about squads, survivor XP, evolution materials and more!


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37 Replies to “Fortnite: Save The World – Power Level 131 – Finally!”

  1. I would focus on trap durability and damage

  2. remixgod says:

    Lvl 126 at the moment. I got all my squad setup just need evolution materials..

  3. Hi, I love your vids and your work. Any chance you could carry me in the Mythic lead mission?

  4. Anima God says:

    Should i do my summer challenges i havent done not one yet

  5. Chris S says:

    Duj I would recommend double trap durability or at least 1 per group, then health or shield then either melee or ranged if u wanna match up ur entire squads. Congrats though for making the 131 club.

  6. Can you do a stream helping subs getting pure drops of rain cause I only have 27 drops of rain left "_"

  7. glasgow3679 says:

    So happy for you well done keep up the great content

  8. Congrats on 131 I’ve watched you play since you started stw much love keep up the good work

  9. Joshy10703 says:

    I'm 116 and need lost rain drops and one more lead

  10. 01undeniable says:

    I only need 1 more legendary survivor to reach 131

  11. Carthestar says:

    I think they should make level 116 124 128 missions a little bit easier like lower the health of the husk or buff the traps something

  12. BogusDude says:

    Congratulations, welcome to the club 😀

  13. Cat Ed says:

    Yay you did it. I find I’m always running out of lightening in a bottle, can never find 4x missions to grind them. Usually find a rain mission everyday. Although only got 500 ish left, but only 5 lightening. 😫😰 got enough of everything else to get to 131, I’m at the end of the bar of 129 lol. It’s painful. Aw really pleased you got to top pl. I do love your vids.

  14. Congrats your now an alpha male!

  15. BadAssSykO says:

    You don't need both Mythic Survivors slotted to be 131. I was 131 without Karolina with a Legendary Survivor instead.

  16. I’ve just reached level 131 today as well! Congrats to you!

  17. How did you get 2k drops of rain I have non

  18. I need one more mythic

  19. AlDatBoi says:

    All i need is legendary survivors n i can be ur pl but right now is 121

  20. Necrobite says:

    Time to grind I guess o.o

  21. XGC PEANUT says:

    Congrats on making it to 131

  22. ETHAN STW says:

    I’m on the last bar of 130 just need 1 or 2 competitive survivors 😭

  23. ETHAN STW says:

    So happy you finally got the time to do this, everyday on stream I would ask “when you spending the rest of that survivor xp” 😂

  24. Yesss u did it great job

  25. If have my survivor squad maxed out like you but still lvl 129.. do i need to max out my reseach three?

  26. Your the best stw player

  27. Aww man I can’t flex on you anymore. If I had the survivors I could get there but I’m just not lucky enough. What did you do to get the survivors you needed

  28. IEatBacon says:

    Should i put nature on my silenced spector?

  29. IEatBacon says:

    Im power 75 crafting 130

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