Fortnite SEASON 9 *NEW* Battle Pass, Map & Skins! (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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NEW Fortnite Season 9 is LIVE! Season 9 Battle Pass, Map, & Skins! What do you think of it so far?
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33 Replies to “Fortnite SEASON 9 *NEW* Battle Pass, Map & Skins! (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Evie Koehler says:

    Are you ever going to play the sims 4 again?

  2. 11:09 that's not cannibalism jonsey a human peeleys a banana, humans eat bananas

  3. How do u get a creater code

  4. Fortnite just keep making the game worse

  5. SAMARA, I’M SO UPSET RIGHT NOW! I thought the game came out later than it did and never got the chance to buy Season 8’s 100 Tier skin!????
    I’ve been playing since Season 1, have bought hundreds of skins and hundreds of items on BOTH Battle Royale & Save The World! I’ve already messaged them on twitter and Instagram. I tried to buy it the last night of Season 8 and the card didn’t go through for v bucks (the card works, it was a technical error of some sort). I was wondering if you could do me a HUGE FAVOR and ask Andre if he knows anyone in support for the game or someone who works for Epic Games that I can talk about this with? I’d GREATLY APPRECIATE IT even if you just ask Andre and he doesn’t know anyone. I just need a quicker and more legitimate way of contacting game support. ♥️??♥️
    Anyway, love your videos and have supported you since summer of 2017! Thanks?

  6. MrBlueck says:

    Life is strange 2 ep 3 came out and I can't wait until you play it

  7. Can you play life is strange

  8. I love your videos samara your the best

  9. Omg she is watching Truman

  10. Fortnite just copied the TALLGEESE Gundam, they must be running iut of ideas.

  11. Mir 123 says:

    Play Ark please Samara

  12. That is so sad the banana!

  13. Get the Demi skin ?but some of the skins pretty boring

  14. jsvin v says:

    Ur bad stop playing the game

  15. Gamer Boy says:

    I used your code to buy the pass! Keep up the great videos!

  16. Do ASMR not fortnite lol my fiancé loves your vids. I introduced her to your channel, she loves the vlogs

  17. Don’t you dare play this game! I rather watch you play golf it…and you need sleep especially over fortnite lol.

  18. Send Memes says:

    I’m never drinking a banana smoothie again

  19. Star Seeder says:

    I know this is mainly a Fortnite video.. but when she said golf it.. I’ll admit, I just watched it mainly for the golf it Haha.

  20. Bob The says:

    Good morning Samara

  21. Send Nukes says:

    Anyone else notice that that one skin looked like ada Wong from resident evil?

  22. Send Nukes says:

    I love that fact that samara and Mackai just played golf it for like half an hour

  23. Oliver Mark says:

    Wow at the start of the first game they all just snatched the guns and just ignored samara

  24. This is sooooo cool hehehe

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