FORTNITE – Survivor Squad Guide (Best Mission To Farm Hero, Schematic And Survivor XP)


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We had a lot of requests for this one…

Visual Mythic Lead Personality Guide ➤➤
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Source 3 ➤➤

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Wukong Gameplay…

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41 Replies to “FORTNITE – Survivor Squad Guide (Best Mission To Farm Hero, Schematic And Survivor XP)”

  1. this is way too much work for the average player why don't they just have an auto sort button for this because it's kind of ridiculous

  2. UaeLover 150 says:

    I am Pl 68 and not even half the bar when 8 did what you did I did get half a bar thanks new sub 4 you brother and like

  3. How do I get more good survivors (without spending vbucks)

  4. Osmose says:

    Hey, can I use this video in a trophy guide?

  5. james terry says:

    this video is fucking awesome thank you, youve got yourself a new subscriber

  6. 4:44 bull crap I have a lead EMT who’s a dreamer and a lead Think tank squad dependable though the rest helps keep up the good job

  7. RusH N RelaX says:

    What u need For all survivors lvl 30/30 minus the lead survivors..
    Rain drop-6,720
    Training manual-2,912
    Lightning bottles-3,584
    Eye of storm-2,912
    Storm shard-616
    Thats to get them to 50/50 give or take a lil from epic to mythic

  8. Great video. Thanks man. I was matching bonuses first, and my power rating was lower. Now I know!

  9. Ralph Ryder says:

    I been playing this for 3 weeks now and I just found this out and how to reperk weapons 😂😅

  10. Alan K says:

    That global chat though.

  11. Thanks so much for the vid! Do you have a guide, or can you explain when to save a survivor and upgrade/evolve instead of transform? Or just green and gray auto transform and blue+ keep?

  12. BBoy Loretto says:

    Very informative ! Are you in ps4 ? If you are lets team up for some mission. (Poke_squid808) 🤙

  13. Gingee 2112 says:

    Hi mate other day I max out on skill points do you know why this has happen?

  14. Peter Noll says:

    very useful, thanks!

  15. Thanks I need to get PWR 70+ to play twine missions

  16. DmanDFam says:

    How do you make a epic one legendary help plz

  17. SpongeBob says:

    Wondered why I was power lvl 23 in canny I’m now 67 I had 1.6mil survivor xp

  18. Elliotryan03 says:

    I don't have a matching leader for my fire team alpha squad. I'm pl71 and I accidentally recycled my leader so I just put a random mythic in. Is that bad?

  19. I love your vids A1 your amazing!!!!!!!!! Ever since I watched a tutorial on your channel I’ve been on your videos, keep up the good work

  20. Vengexnce ll says:

    Talk about endgame, minmaxing the survivor squad bonuses etc

  21. 7ebon says:

    Should you be going for personalities before bonuses if you don't have all the slots open yet

  22. Excellent video, perfect insight into what i needed too know as I wasn't sure on personality ect. Earned my Sub ❤

  23. Kien Truong says:

    Can you get mythic leads from upgrade llamas and stuff

  24. Hiraku says:

    My only question is, can i progress normally without problems if i don't do alll these survivors thing?

  25. kinniekinnie says:

    You are amazing! Got a mythical leader from troll stash today. Had a legendary leader too, but not slotted due to (percieved) subordinates' personalities shortage. Took a dive, reshuffled all based on rarity mainly. Elolved a bunch of subordinates who were just levelled up to 10. The result was up 5 pl: from pl 44 to pl 49. I'm super happy. Thank you so much!!!

  26. Cheyenne M says:

    Thank you very much for this video. Just got this game a month ago and finding good information has been tough. You helped me out a ton.

  27. Kool Koala says:

    It took me many repeats to understand the video but I did. I didn't know that you could level up your power level from survivors until now. I regret having recycled almost all my survivors. Thank you A1Getdismoney for explaining the ways to level up your power level and your explanation on how survivor squads work. Kudos to you.

  28. f*ck those people who 'call you names' you can make your own choses and i am going to do the same as you
    thanks for this usefull vidio.

  29. I made a new account and i’m on the assign a survivor to the 1st emt squad slot quest but it won’t let me pick anyone does anyone know how to fix it

  30. PandaGamers says:

    How did you get those Husks in your squad?

  31. sayit8ntso says:

    I did a lvl 46 DTB and only got 5k survivor xp from a lvl 6 chest do you really get 30k at 76??

  32. i have same mythics as u lul

  33. A1Z 450_N says:

    Stop saying stuff about him pls i will do the same:)

  34. Justin says:

    This actually helped so much thank you

  35. M A says:

    So you mentioned if you match personalities you get a bonus, but I'm pretty sure if you have a mythic lead and you don't match personality you actually get a penalty.

  36. GS _Raidz says:

    Hey guys what's up , so I'm on page 5 of plankerton , so I'm wondering if someone who is a good power level preferably 33+ would wanna grind my missions and as soon as I get to canny valley I'll craft u some awesome weapons if anyone is interested add my psn Crucial-YT and send me a message saying mission grind thanks guys

  37. Mr Bacon x says:

    I have an epic lead survivor match for emt squad. My survivors for this squad all match the personality of the leader. However recently I got a legendary lead survivor for the emt squad but none of my survivors match the personality. Should I use the epic lead survivor I use now, and keep the survivor matches, or put the legendary lead survivor in and have no matches? Thanks

  38. i got rid of a mytic surviver lead -_-

  39. FV Wolf says:

    Solid info, really hope they do something like the Halloween event survivor wise again, missing bout 20 legendaries and 1 mythic, only grace is don't have to save for troll trucks for weapons no more, can just save the bucks for super people, and get transforms from alerts and the sts 40.

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