Fortnite ULTIMATE FPS Boost | Fornite Battle Royale 2018


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Fortnite ULTIMATE FPS Boost tutorial
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6 Replies to “Fortnite ULTIMATE FPS Boost | Fornite Battle Royale 2018”

  1. gran says:

    *view distance doesn't affect players btw

  2. Do gmod update your video your last fps boost is 2017 please make new

  3. Soul Memory says:

    Rich people clearly don't understand the struggle.

  4. Greg Kite says:

    It's a bit of a click bate because you aren't showing anything other than the normal settings menu so I don't know how you could describe it as 'ultimate' I imagine this is what everyone does the first time opening the game.

  5. willem Koe says:

    Ewwwwww this is bad video

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