Fortnite – X4 Stormwing Plane Nerf!


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8 Replies to “Fortnite – X4 Stormwing Plane Nerf!”

  1. lalo x says:


  2. lalo x says:

    you should see this plane now 1-9-2019 it had a HUGE nerf today in the new update it is totally garbage unbalanced wit 35% health from the original stormwing and if you crash into buildings it takes 50% damage totally garbage IT SHOULD BE REMOVED

  3. Ewraith W says:

    I think the nerf was a bit too much. The absolute only thing that needed to be nerfed was the damage, now it isnt even fun to fly any more

  4. Wish Switch stats could be added to the website so I can keep track without counting my screenshots (also hope every win has counted for when it finally happens)

  5. yxtsy. _ says:

    I hated the planes any way btw i entered giveway good luck to everyone

  6. Peak says:

    I mean, I would never pick up a plane with less than 200 hp so this nerf aint even big.

  7. Cubix14 says:

    Yeah real trash… nobody will use them

  8. The planes were so good. Now they are trash.

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