Get Into Boxes With This FORGOTTEN Stair Edit… (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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47 Replies to “Get Into Boxes With This FORGOTTEN Stair Edit… (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. SypherPK says:

    If you guys enjoy these tutorial videos be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you always catch the new Tricks first!
    Stick around until the end, footage was from before Tilted got changed but it was TOO good to not use… Enjoy <3

  2. lucy connor says:

    Great tip but the problem is in the time u do this if ur not fast enough they can edit their cone and floor jump out and shoot u

  3. I already still use this

  4. MadMaxx :D says:

    how is this 11000 points

  5. Love how he stated his dog gets concerned everytime Sypher screams… and then proceeds to yell like a maniac the rest of the video…

  6. Wixsi says:

    Tell they edit a middle window lololol

  7. I'm not subscribing fuck off

  8. Subscribe!!!!!!! He has less that HALF? Hes better then EVERYONE WHO IS SUBBED. WT..f !!!

  9. There is another way too

  10. EZ Shah says:

    Either streamers make it look easy or they get lucky with bots cuz I can never GET A GAME WITH BOTS

  11. SoLRGaming says:

    on controller it's much harder because we don't have the range of motion that PC players do

  12. Why didnt he take the blue ak instead of the green? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. Good job copying another persons trick

  14. What if he edits and kills you

  15. ツPlxnet says:

    This is useless and to many steps, if you just do take the L or laugh it up, it taunts them so they come out

  16. CoolMan513 says:

    New Skill from Sypher hey alway know a new skill

  17. Can we play JT_HENRY IS USERNAME

  18. Chari Zard says:

    When ever I get into someone's box i simply get trapped

  19. Self Promotion Alert If U Don't Want To Read Get off Lol.


  20. Well THEY USE IT NOWWWE………

  21. FSM_ NuBzy says:

    Loki I don't really need it because I can just take walls

  22. Wyatt Abeyta says:

    1:15 Sypher sounded like Michelle from American Pie

  23. Just do the regular way

  24. You forgot the blue ak I’m mad

  25. I always use this stair edit

  26. Genahsyde says:

    Until someone edit a window and bop you
    Nicceee technique 😐

  27. I was part of the unsubbed 50%+
    I no longer am

  28. M Law says:

    Over 50% of you watching my video have high ping

  29. RS5jack says:

    Nice vid btw; rip I only have 2,247 points

  30. Ushii says:

    Fortnite is dying no cap

  31. DarkTripz says:

    I'd rather still use the simple trick where you place the ramp over you

  32. Twixi says:

    Does anyone else wanna know why there’s no mechs in this game

  33. VOLTAGEPROMO says:

    Sub to cudqle rn or your a disgrace to the human race

  34. VOLTAGEPROMO says:

    The normal way still works u just have to be precise

  35. VOLTAGEPROMO says:

    U can do this with any gun in the gun

  36. VOLTAGEPROMO says:

    Ha yeah I made this in season 7

  37. Me: gets 1 kill in a game
    Everyone: How is a cow this good

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