GIANT DRAGON vs ARCHER QUEEN | New Dragon’s Lair MEGA DRAGON | Clash of Clans Update!

Clash Of Clans

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The New Giant Dragon Troop vs Archer Queen in Clash of Clans. The Mega Dragon is the Single Player Map Boss in CoC. The Update brings new Goblin Maps and with the epic new troop as a boss we have to attack with the Archer Queen to see if we can get the victory and the 3 stars vs Dragons Lair. Clash On!




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26 Replies to “GIANT DRAGON vs ARCHER QUEEN | New Dragon’s Lair MEGA DRAGON | Clash of Clans Update!”

  1. What do you think of the New Giant Dragon?

  2. Merhaba

    Devamını Oku

  3. Wizards can kill the giant dragon

  4. abhi rushing says:

    Not usefull update for rushers

  5. What is going on guys…….

  6. Tony Jackson says:

    Haha that dragon is INSANE! Great video.. 😂👍

  7. JordenJCW says:

    20 healers has the same effect as 10 healers @judo

  8. Zed says:

    Finally you have defeated the dragon it's well

  9. Raj Jaiswal says:

    Judo sloth plz send me the link for that mod apk where u have made this video

  10. This is test version clach of clans?

  11. I can't wait for the update !!

  12. Please try to kill mega dragon with archers then attack with all valks

  13. MRK AQUATICS says:

    The update is not available in India. Why? When it is available?

  14. In case anybody was wondering, the Dragon Boss has about 2500 DPS (1.25 times that of a fully charged level 6 inferno tower) and 20,000 HP (twice that of a level 13 wall).

  15. Deepak Kumar says:

    use poison spell too

  16. giant dragon troops me bhi aayega ya fir only goblin hunt per aayega

  17. Bilal CW G&H says:

    I want to get the developer build too. gemming gives so much satisfaction 😝

  18. Hozelito says:

    Legendary accent mate

  19. Rafi khan says:

    Miners are now OP, kindly, tell them to balance miners.

  20. Skelly says:

    I want that new dragon in my cc for defense lol

  21. Diogo S. says:

    Nice judo, keep up the good work!

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