*Hex is INSANE!* WHF vs ByeForever – Live Hit & 12-Pack? | Clash of Clans

Clash Of Clans

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Bringing you the live planning of the hit in the war with WHF vs ByeForever. Plus, recapping a Th 12 12-pack with Pekka Bobat by Hex.

Hey there – I’m CarbonFin! Thanks for watching one of my videos! 😀

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28 Replies to “*Hex is INSANE!* WHF vs ByeForever – Live Hit & 12-Pack? | Clash of Clans”

  1. White Rabbit says:

    Some American fellas told me Carbonfin is a good air attacker and you are. You do the air raids very well .Good job. And thanks for the attacking tips

  2. Teuku Akbar says:

    Actually indonesian clasher is good too on playing pekkabobat

  3. pekka bow bat is so op lol..

  4. 11:14
    Queen doing no scope 360 ?

  5. نحن نريد ترجمة للغة العربية رجاءا
    I love you man

  6. Zev A-G says:

    18:00 Warden is literally invincible

  7. Supa roo says:

    Still gob smacked by that queen charge lalo.

  8. Dairy Queen says:

    Wait why are you commentating CWL, should be in it!

  9. Scrappy says:

    I think I would just give up after seeing my spectator count rise from 0 to 20 in 5 seconds lol.

  10. Arthur 94 says:

    From what I've seen Hex and nick carry WHF lol

  11. Hero says:

    How much would it cost to have classes from hex lol

  12. Very Nice JOB !!!! Great attacker

  13. Phung Minh says:

    hay vcl su tinh toan hoan hao.

  14. Can you turn your mic volume up? I can barely hear it even with my sound max.

  15. Finally, Lexnos I was talking about. Turns out hexagram, lexagram, roLex and Lexnos are same person, or I am wrong? Awesome attacks.

  16. BabA Yaga says:

    Nice video Fin thanks .. ????

  17. jon massey says:

    Nice Vid Carbon ? Hex is truly amazing at that Strategy.. I got max troops for all that, just weak on Heroes but certainly worth practicing

  18. Congrats on the big wins!

  19. ZzzaaP says:

    Whf clan code plz

  20. Md Akash says:

    Love from????????????

  21. shah ra says:

    i hope carbon will share some of his base layouts with us . anyone else hoping the same?? ?

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