Highest Kill Game in Season 7 – The Infinity Sword is INSANE (Fortnite Battle Royale)


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27 Replies to “Highest Kill Game in Season 7 – The Infinity Sword is INSANE (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Penta says:

    Can you not say GG so many times?

  2. Jas Cas says:

    Lmao and to bring more bad news to you because I know how good you are with it but they are going to remove the deagle.

  3. Do You Play In PS4?????

  4. finess god says:

    Up shall gameplay of the sword proves how broken it is once it gets in the hand of a good player.

  5. I got 27 kills in season 7

  6. Contossi says:

    I got 25 yesterday

  7. Joe Bullock says:

    I got a 16 kill win with the sword today

  8. Xpertch1ef says:

    #upshall @upshall the blade has been removed

  9. Sheezoo Afg says:

    You’re so annoying when you say gg.

  10. Infinity sword has been disabled due to overuse of obey upshall

  11. Steel Unkown says:

    I’m faze papi from twitch wassup

  12. I got 24 kills solo also in season 7

  13. shadoww_X says:

    i think you killed nog ops just about every time

  14. Dirty Unix says:


  15. Gear7Airsoft says:

    Bro last time I checked you had 140k wtf happened?

  16. Are u gonna put ur 27 kill game on

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