How good is the Pixel 3a XL for gaming?! PUBG, Fortnite, GTA, Asphalt Xtreme


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A gaming test on the Pixel 3a XL Smartphone! Throughout this video I played the following games: PUBG, Modern Combat 5, GTA SA, Asphalt Xtreme and Fortnite. What do you think?

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What do you think about the gaming performance that we get from the Snapdragon 670 that’s used in the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL?

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29 Replies to “How good is the Pixel 3a XL for gaming?! PUBG, Fortnite, GTA, Asphalt Xtreme”

  1. Vishal Giri says:

    Good for gamers but I think they will better off with POCO F1 for even lower price.. great video Alex!!

  2. try it with gamebench to show realtime fps.

  3. Kyle Ruggles says:

    Not bad! it's just so sad the state of android gaming, that these are like the only games that push the hardware and folks are buying expensive gaming phones to play just.. these 10 games? heh..

  4. Messi Romeo says:

    please include darkness rises too.. that game is popular now

  5. You should change the title to how good it does because every phone can play some of those game but some are better

  6. Sumit Ram says:

    Another great video!! ??

  7. BE-vali024 says:

    Și asphalt 9?
    Doar de test

  8. Ashil says:

    San Andreas runs on any phone

  9. Rittik Basak says:

    Ur contents are improving!

  10. Damn! The performance is really impressive. Guess you have cleaned the previous game from memory before launching the new one. What about device temperature? It shouldn't feel much high because of polycarbonate on rear side.

  11. bro i am 100% ordering this phone because of this review video 🙂

  12. Alex you did well in the hood ??

  13. Jdm90s says:

    Let's run these people over


    ThAts right

  14. Not to be mean, but you are ridiculously bad…

  15. Chemy Torres says:

    It's a nice device and well optimized, I was expecting this results.

  16. So lets run over the people, OH YEAH!!!!???

  17. Nancy Femmer says:

    Aww Alex, you're not the only one who sucks at gaming???
    Actually you're doing great with the
    Pixel 3a XL?
    Great job Alex…

  18. Geeky Stuff says:

    I get loads of stick of how I suck at gaming lol! You did alright lol! Anyway, these videos are just to showcase the phones performance when gaming. 🙂

  19. Great video! figured the Pixel could game, heck I won PubG earlier today on a NUU Mobile G3. LOL. As for fortnite I believe the idea is not to get killed?

  20. AJ Dude says:

    Alex, why don't you play with ?️? Seems much more comfortable to play at least a couple of those games with gamepad ?

  21. Rhett Oracle says:

    My 1gb 8gb quad core Kit Kat phone is fine for Gaming, if Solitaire counts! Cheers

  22. kemo says:

    Lovely video as usual! 97

  23. Its_Thanos , says:

    People often forget how lite stock android is.It definitely boosts the overall performance of the phone a lot

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