How To Build ELECTRIFIED FENCES | Fortnite Creative Mode Glitch


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How to build electrified-looking fences in the Creative Mode for Fortnite! This cool trick will let you build some cool looking stuff for your island. To do this glitch, simply follow the instructions in the tutorial, or if you’d like a written explanation: copy a fence, damage it, then copy the damaged fence onto itself multiple times. The more you do it, the brighter it gets. You may experience lag if you do this way too many times in the same spot.

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  2. Noah Smith says:

    Another great vid keep it up☺

  3. Let's go another cool glitch!!!!!!

  4. trollkid 543 says:

    Nice video man keep it up😉

  5. d ilan says:

    Do you what to play save the world

  6. This glitch vid amazing u post the best videos and anyone that reads this comment like sub and hit the noti bell!! for PenguinZomby

  7. Epic Clips says:

    When is best hiding spots coming out

  8. Diego Ruelas says:

    noic but im wonderin how did u find this?

  9. Hadaze says:

    This is awesome haha

  10. BEASTON 1183 says:

    What did you mean by be careful? Can they hurt you?

  11. Just Bingy says:

    Yoooooo, That is so cool
    but now you have deleted them all on 20 fps

  12. Anton Dayrit says:

    I can't wait to show my friends😏

  13. Remy Boyzz says:


  14. Nathan Wain says:

    I can’t wait to show my friends 😏

  15. Bob DaKing says:

    How in the world did you find this glitch 😂

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