HOW TO CHOOSE MAP – PUBG Tips and Tricks


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In this video I explain how you choose your favourite map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). No more backing out to the lobby just to try again.

I hope you enjoy the video

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21 Replies to “HOW TO CHOOSE MAP – PUBG Tips and Tricks”

  1. ProdHod says:

    Is there a updated version!

  2. DeadEye says:

    Can i make a Backup folder instead of Bakup folder?

  3. Sanhok is getting really annoying , i have played 7-8 games yesterday and they were all Sanhok omg

  4. _Bryan1602 says:

    Can't find the desert ones the fuk

  5. Just kidding bro I love you ?

  6. Your English isn’t that good ?

  7. 123 qwer says:

    Krangsi, hi, is it possible to do something same now???

  8. Migz Vdub says:

    This guide worked great thank you. Tested on the 26/04/2018. Make sure you make a folder to move the files outside of the PUBG folder. Once you in the game and select your mode etc and it starts loading then crashes back to the main menu just try again until it works. all that is happening is that its trying to load u onto the new map. please let me know if anyone got banned from using this

  9. YuriAMV says:

    it gives the corrupt error message in a game match then you are unable to connect.

  10. Petersen says:

    Thank you very much, its working really well !
    And the game is still running

  11. Patched ? not working for me lel

  12. Balu. says:

    Hey. What is your ingame settings? 🙂 (Brightness, screen scale too please 🙁 )

  13. Storälgen says:

    thanks dude! nice and real chill video!

  14. Didn't work for me :/ somehow the files reappeared in my folder

  15. Dude, ive not been playing this game for over 3 months because of this stupid desert map. Now i dont even have to play it again! THAAAAANKSSS

  16. 123 qwer says:

    Desert map is called Miramar the shittiest map ever in PC games. Ty for video bro, i cant even watch on that shittiest shit of the shit MIRAMAR. The only 1 reason i bought PUBG is ERANGEL MAP, i loved that from 1 screen i saw. And the stupid game developers made new shit map without map selector. They even fucking promised in 21 DECEMBER they ll do map selector, but they are: 1) fucking lazy stupid pigs which cannt make even 1 button in game or 2)fucking liers… Anyway TY! Noble person.

  17. Dude you are the best I haaaate the desert map you are really the best I have earned my sub!

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