How to Control Your Bloom! – (Fortnite Battle Royale!)


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Bloom in Fortnite can be very inconvenient at most times, but in today’s video we’re going to go over a couple of ways that will help make bloom less of a problem! One of the best ways to decrease bloom is of course to slow your rate of fire, essentially bursting you weapon manually so that the bloom effect doesn’t…

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39 Replies to “How to Control Your Bloom! – (Fortnite Battle Royale!)”

  1. Dankri Jk says:

    wtf is that ping??!!!

  2. They should vault mats, that have so much BLOOOOOOOM

  3. Ahmad Nassar says:

    i am super unlucky with ars. I spray my freind with a golden scar from 10 meters i miss all my shots. It's running my game. Can anybody help me

  4. fenixosuper2 says:

    didnt help at all. I still have the worst bloom in the game

  5. zenik says:

    How u have the black crosshair can u make a video plssss I need it

  6. [RAGE] Leek says:

    Ngl it seems that all i get on fortnite now is bloom

  7. ujqw says:

    Scar is trash too much bloom they should vault it

  8. Qoopzy says:

    I've been single tapping for months at long range and I can Lazer flying enemies and make them no shield

  9. Irid Xembzy says:

    I have a button on my mouse that fires 3 rounds

  10. DxrkPhantom says:

    What weapon skin r u using?? It looks so nice

  11. Love you selage I started playing pc 3 months ago and you have helped me improve ♥️

  12. A picture’s worth 1000 words … the demo with the wall it brings it vividly to life. Thank you.

  13. Wavez Z says:

    Is it just me or is selage uploading more lately

  14. Numinose says:

    Nice tip but now tell me how you reloaded your AK in 0.1 seconds!?

  15. Lpoa says:

    Your channel is literally insane ❤️🔥

  16. Aceing07 says:

    Selage is it restarted I’m going from pc to controller? I realized I wasn’t going anywhere on pc. Until I played on my friends Xbox. I was amazed how many kills I got. First we thought it was cause there’s bots on Xbox until I did. 1v1 and that’s when I realized where I belonged. Now you know my story do you still think it’s stupid?

  17. When aiming what do you look at the crosshairs or the enemy?

  18. Aceing07 says:

    Bloom is always on my side. 3xcept with the ak and suppressed like u mentioned

  19. SniperShottz says:

    DUDE if ur not subbed You are living under a rock

  20. show timefu says:

    In motha Russia bloom CoNTroLs yOU

  21. AKR3M says:

    How do you make it so it doesn't reload

  22. Zyas says:

    No more 9 damage headshots! GENIUS

  23. Kunai Fall says:

    Yo Selage, I don’t know squat about computers but you do. So I was wondering if you could tell me if you think this Graphics Card would allow me to play Fortnite at 140 FPS on low settings. Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics 3.5GHz (Quad Core)

  24. You never mentioned the fact u can reset bloom by changing to a different weapon and changing back

  25. Crashnite says:

    All your videos and maps helped me improve so much , Thanks !

  26. You should make a tutorial on how to use the infantry it has a lot of potential with basically no bloom and make a map to help with infrantry shots from all ranges

  27. Ace Seif says:

    Super helpful again! It got me my first air royale win. Thank you again amazing content and thank you so much for the help 😀

  28. Family guy says:

    If you uninstall you will never have bloom again

    Prove me wrong

  29. How’d u reload instantly

  30. 90ms Milan says:

    Can you make a video for panicking less in pub game ?.

    Btw love you vids

  31. wow i’m so early 🤑 great video my man

  32. ITS JXY says:

    Thanks for the tips this video was really helpful, now I’m gonna go crazy, go stupid, absolutely barnacles

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