How to Download Battlefield 4 BETA NOW (Xbox 360)

Battlefield 4

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6 Replies to “How to Download Battlefield 4 BETA NOW (Xbox 360)”

  1. It's going to be uploaded over night. Look for it tomorrow. Thanks for the games, we'll squad up again soon. I'm gonna strictly be playing the BETA till I can't anymore

  2. dinojet123 says:

    It was fun playing with you ubu. when will you put the video where you counter knife me? from Asshylegs

  3. Azrael says:

    Thanks tried to find it with no hope so I really needed this thank-you ubu.

  4. Unkknown says:

    my bud couldn't figure out how to find the download. showed him this! downloading right now

  5. 30 views, no ratings and no comments? Come on guys.

  6. DSmith xWBA says:

    haha thank you for your help! 🙂

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