How to Draw MAX LEVEL DIRE (Fortnite: Battle Royale) | Narrated Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial


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I meant to do a tutorial on DIRE — at the time the brand new FORTNITE season six skin — this past October, but I didn’t get a chance to because I decided to focus on movie horror characters. Well, since it’s been a while since I did a Fortnite tutorial, let’s finally draw Dire!

As you may notice, I’ve only drawn Dire from the head to mid-torso. From this point on I’ll be doing some full-body and some profile-only Fortnite tutorials.


Happy drawing,

Dire is…

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26 Replies to “How to Draw MAX LEVEL DIRE (Fortnite: Battle Royale) | Narrated Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial”

  1. nooo i like the videos long please!

  2. Holy damn this is the best keep it up picasso

  3. Mona Hasan says:

    plz do spider knight from fortnite plus i looooove your dire can u plz reply


  5. Gsbdd Nsdhd7 says:

    Draw Harrison wells (flash TV show)

  6. I do all your drawings!

  7. kenson ntel says:

    can you plz show us how to draw barbatos lupu rex

  8. You are the best youtube de swing artist

  9. ninahanene says:

    draw dusk or Dj yonder

  10. Please draw more spider man suits from spider man ps 4

  11. nihat tekce says:

    Can you draw miles morales! It will be very awesome if you drawer him!
    Also I really like your channel and I love drawing the tutorials you teach us. Please draw miles morales

  12. Joey Galvez says:

    Can you please draw batman from batman arkam knight

  13. nrohler4 says:

    Can you draw something from fantastic beasts love your vids

  14. Drew Thorn says:

    could you please do more flash stuff from the tv show

  15. Can you make a darth maul drawing tutorial?

  16. Can you draw newt scamander in the fantastic beast

  17. Armaan Khan says:

    Because you good to draw, and I’m sure you can also draw overwatch characters.

    So thank you if you read this ??

  18. Armaan Khan says:

    Hello again

    Can you draw Overwatch Characters.

  19. Hi Ramny, i've spotted some very nice canvas art on the wall. May i ask where you bought those?

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