How to find your PunkBuster GUID in Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

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How to find your PB GUID in Battlefield 4!

Step 1. Go to C:Users[WIN7-USERNAME]AppDataLocalPunkBusterBF4pb

Step 2. Create a new Text Document file in the pb folder called “pbcl.cfg”

Step 3. Paste the following into the config file you created.

pb_MsgPrefix “[skipnotify]PunkBuster Client”
pb_Sleep 500
pb_LogToFile 1
pb_SsLog 1
pb_SsSave 1

Step 4. Hit ‘save’ then Exit

Step 5. Make sure the file does not have .txt extension and is called “pbcl.cfg” or this won’t work.

Step 6….

29 Replies to “How to find your PunkBuster GUID in Battlefield 4”

  1. Tareq Ezzat says:

    Hi dude, I really can't play on any ranked server, KICKED BY PUNKBUSTER every time. What can I do?

  2. I SEE YOU says:

    I have to keep installing mine every day

  3. How do you change the guid for the server?

  4. John Lennon says:

    Thanks you very much.

  5. Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe handshaking failed ¿why?

  6. Ludoflame says:

    If you dont see the .log file even after you done everything right, go to control panel again, then to folder config and then to view tab and enable the known file extensions. then you'll be able to see the file

  7. Munib Ahmad says:

    hey i was guid banned of BF4 because my little brother was aimboting on my account and i was just wondering if getting a new cd key for BF4 would fix the problem or would i loose my rank for the game?

  8. Black Hunter says:

    Hey sir is this video help to for apb to can you help me and reply back so i am sure so you can help me

  9. MetalSlug says:

    Thanks for uploading this man, very easy to follow!

  10. But what do I have 2 do with this GUID number 2 be unbanned from a server?

  11. Fuerta says:

    when i put it in esl it doesnt work, its invalid it says

  12. martin91x says:

    OK, I know my server guid now. What next?

  13. Drunknklr says:

    log file didn't show any of that

  14. Jonathan says:

    What's a GUID? and how do i know my GUID?

  15. Joe Koch says:

    also for some stupid fucking reason i cant copy and paste what u wrote it click and closes the fucking window… 

  16. Paha Kilar says:

    windows 8 ok!!!Thanks for help

  17. Kuba R. says:

    Worked! Thanks for help 😀

  18. Thanks OTS, really help me with a big problem hahaha

  19. talanator56 says:

    This dosn't work for me i don't get the pbcl.cfg log when i exit the game

  20. max g says:

    i keep getin error

  21. Blaze Edits says:

    Yes…It's fucking annoying;( But thanks anyway;)

  22. Blaze Edits says:

    Yes, I got banned from bf3 and sometimes I got kicked from bf4 server for getting banned from bf3…and when I'm checking my bf4 GUID it's showing me that I got banned from bf3, it's strange…..very strange….

  23. Blaze Edits says:

    I have a question?why it is showing the same information as in BF3, because I got banned from bf3 and it's the same as bf4?

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