How to Get High Number Of Kills | Ultimate Guide || Pubg mobile


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How to Get High Number Of Kills | Ultimate Guide || Pubg mobile

Few days back I released my snake spotting video and in that I showed a small clip with 28 kills.
After that I have seen alot of amazed comments about 28 kills in that clip.

That made me think to make a tutorial about how you too can get these high amounts of kills.
Showed some important factors such as tier how they can effect and how youtubers like panda and sevou use it to make those high kills video.

If you get anything…

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23 Replies to “How to Get High Number Of Kills | Ultimate Guide || Pubg mobile”

  1. Anchu canzy says:

    Who noticed that in 14:45 he killed that Guy .Who named EMPTINESS…He mentioned him in starting of this video

  2. Superb Game play bro….u r insane😘😘

  3. Which phone you are using brother?

  4. Great video as usual! I think I'm pretty good with close range brawls but when I ever I play solo squads I tend to get third partied a lot any tips on that??

  5. I have been training for 17 years. I’m leaving the dojo now to honor you.

  6. Arshman Ali says:

    Which phone are you using

  7. RaJu AhMeD says:

    Gamer needs
    1. Better gaming quality phone📱
    2. Better network quality📈
    3. Better head phone🎧
    4. A air condition room❄
    5. A chair💺
    6. A dry hand🖐
    And Make sure your hands are not get sweat😁
    Like if u agree

  8. NIGHTMARE says:

    big fan of yours man. hard to find a good thumb player no gyro no claw default sensitivity like you. youre the real pubgm player 💪

  9. Dude u killed D Emptiness in the last part with the frag🤣😎💪

  10. Learn english first!!!

  11. Niceeeee❤️❤️❤️

  12. Practice makes better

  13. Hi bro pls upload an erangle guide video
    Love you 😘😘😘

  14. Your all videos are best just one thing I want from you is that please make video regular.

  15. Abe tu unhe bol rha hai wo lower league pr hai abe pagal abhi league drop hui hai isliye platinum hai smjha

  16. My kill 31 player in ace

  17. Hey ugar , what if a pro squad rushes us while we are playing solo squad in crown or ace tier , is there a chance to win against them?

  18. how to kill 4 enemy rush in house…. you are only in house

  19. Osmm gameplay and music

  20. Now that's a perfect vedio hope u will get good response for your hard work #respect bro

  21. Bro pls make a video on "HOW TO PLAY SOLO vs SQUAD without any problems".

  22. 2 GB ram devise😵 + Broken😵 earphone + broken Charger + 😵D-sync happen in game 7 to 10 times + broken internet 🤕
    So how can i play pubg 😂😂😂 i am geting mad 😂😂😂

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