How to get into the Open Battlefield 4 Beta (BF4 Beta)

Battlefield 4

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EA has made the Battlefield 4 Beta Open. Which means that it’s free to download & you won’t need to have Purchased the “Battlefield 4 Deluxe Edition”, “Medal of Honor Warfighter: Limited Edition” or be a “Premium Member”. You could be a Call of Duty fanboy and still get into the Beta so if your coming from a different game genre or Call of Duty the Beta will be free &…

26 Replies to “How to get into the Open Battlefield 4 Beta (BF4 Beta)”

  1. OVEN P says:

    hey idiot playstation store is only in your ps

  2. Gameplayer10 says:

    i keep getting ea server thing on xbox

  3. Ryan Mayes says:

    Can you get BF4 Beta AFTER BF4 is out?

  4. what the fuck dude where the fuck is it it has been fucking removed

  5. The beta us over when the full game comes out

  6. zareefimran says:

    I cant even find it in the PlayStation store
    I searched for it like forever

  7. A. Sitek says:

    I have that problem.It dont even open game

  8. aaron berrey says:

    it wont let my account download the beta

  9. Levi Live says:

    It says that im too young. Help!!!!

  10. bojanbr says:

    Whenever i try to log into some of the servers on battlelog it says "connecting to server" and stops,and that happens every time when i try to log on….anyone has the same problem?

  11. im going to download it now =D I CABT WAIT 😀

  12. i try download the bf4 open beta but stay warning to i put the code of game ( but i dont have because is open beta ! ) – note: pc download.

  13. Demew says:

    when i launch the beta i downloaded from origin it says
    But i should cause it is open beta

  14. AaroN62Gost says:

    If you are under xbox search Battlefield, click Battlefield 4, ignore everything and click extras. Scroll through the extras, and it should say Battlefield 4 demo or beta. Click download enjoy. 😀

  15. FaDexEdits says:

    On my Playstation it was under the game Battlefield 4 "try the demo" or something like that…

  16. Colt says:

    Shut it's not up yet! I have school to go to soon FML

  17. matt lewin says:

    Wtf where is the beta?

  18. themcdvideo says:

    Prob no chance of open being up before at least noon is my guess.

  19. How can i get the open beta on orgin

  20. sugoi sushi says:

    3 o clock the beta will be open for ps3

  21. I found it on ps3 but it says unavailable D:

  22. Hunter Webb says:

    how do I find it on xbox 360 cause I typed up battlefield 4 beta, battlefield 4 demo and some other variations but I couldn't find any help

  23. Coutta 37 says:

    i got both MOH WARFIGHTER AND BF3 premium and can't get the beta

  24. -Psycho- says:

    you need either bf3 premium or m.o.h warfighter to get the beta early access but it comes out for everyone on the 4th of october

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