How To Loot Novorepnoye | Ultimate Route Guide (PUBG)


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Want to land in an awesome spot, then know how to loot it perfectly? Look no further!
Novorepnoye (Novo) is one of my favourite places to loot and the routes that I take in this video will help you to loot the area like a pro.

I hope you guys really enjoyed this PUBG tutorial guide, It’s one of my first videos back to relaunching my youtube.

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3 Replies to “How To Loot Novorepnoye | Ultimate Route Guide (PUBG)”

  1. Ayush Azad says:

    Really helping.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. LivByTheGun says:

    Awesome video. Really helpful commentary. Love the music also 🙂

  3. VIRUS GAMING says:

    quality video! – i usually like landing in novo, cos of the loot and promixty of gear but your video has given me a new approach to the area! thanks mate! sub'd aswell 🙂 do check out my channel too if you have time!

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