How to Play PUBG Mobile With a Controller (PS4 & XBOX). No Root!


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Update: Sadly Octopus has now been classified as a cheat in PUBG Mobile, so using it will get you banned…

A quick guide showing you how to play PUBG Mobile using a controller or keyboard and mouse. For a full indepth guide check out our article linked above. It includes a little more information about connecting PS4 controllers to play with PUBG Mobile

For the guide on screen…

pubg wiki

pubg tips and tricks

14 Replies to “How to Play PUBG Mobile With a Controller (PS4 & XBOX). No Root!”

  1. U piece of shit, I got banned

  2. jonah mccraw says:

    Dont try this lol got banned as soon as I logged on

  3. Tsm BM says:

    How many of u came here for fortnite

  4. Don't try or your pubg account will be blocked octopus is fraud

  5. FYI
    They updated the app and now its scandalous clickbait to get you to watch adds

  6. XoTiCeO says:

    it's not working on f***ing ps4 controller

  7. This shit doesn't work… cant remap buttons… can aim but cant shoot… aim jumps fucking everywhere, slow and laggy… a sure waist of time

  8. Alek Parrish says:


  9. How to fix look around like it's slow or to fast

  10. I have a question that for android and mac but arent you on a pc what software did you use to be able to do that or is your phone just mirrored to the pc

  11. Cali bih says:

    Every time I try this when I connect my ps4 controller and I try to play pub g nothing happens.

  12. my settings (purple circle) always disappear when i play. i cant fix my buttons in game.

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